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Taking the Time to Share what We Know with Our Neighbors

Giving back is at the core of being a community bank. In addition to financially supporting the organizations which make our communities vibrant, our employees give of their time and talents as well. We’re proud of the impact our employees have on the communities they live and work in and the effort they put in on their own time to helping us live our mission.

We also believe in the invaluable investment of financial education. Over the last year, our team members taught more than 625 hours of financial education classes. We couldn’t have done it alone though, it’s through great partnerships with community organizations that the impact of financial education can be seen.

Resident Resources Network

In 2017, we began partnering with Resident Resources Network (RRN), a non-profit in Columbus, Ohio, whose mission is to connect affordable housing residents to supportive that can help to improve housing stability, increase self-sufficiency, and create safe and supportive communities. In 2021, the partnership expanded to include financial education which was offered to Resident Resources Network’s resident families 24 times throughout the last year.

As a result, 40 families accessed these educational resources and not only improved their monthly financial picture through budgeting, but leveraged other financial resources through a matching savings program that we helped RRN secure. These types of partnerships truly elevate the importance of financial education and the fantastic tools and resources this education unlocks for families building their financial confidence.

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