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Loans and Lines of Credit

At First Commonwealth Bank, we understand that life happens. There may be times you need to borrow money to pay for home renovations, unexpected emergencies and other expenses. In these cases, our personal loans and lines of credit can help. Serving regions such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky, we make personal loans and lines of credit simple. We provide a simple online loan/line application and good rates that allow you to live life on your terms.

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Our Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

You may need a personal loan or line of credit for many different situations, which is why we designed our options specifically for your needs:

  • Home equity loans and lines: Our Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit let you get competitive rates by using your home’s equity. Low rates make home equity loans and lines of credit a popular choice for debt consolidation, home repairs and refinancing. The amount you qualify for will depend on how much equity you have in your home, but loan amounts of up to $500,000 are possible with a fixed rate and terms of five to 20 years. A home equity loan versus a line of credit is a personal decision based on your financial situation. Learn more about our home equity loans and lines of credit.
  • Personal loans and lines: With no need for collateral, our personal loans and lines are flexible and ideal for everything from home repairs to education. When you get a personal loan or line with us, you enjoy fixed or variable interest rates. We can provide loans or line amounts up to $25,000 and terms from one to five years. Learn more about our personal loans and lines.
  • Auto loans: Shopping for a new or used car? Enjoy more confidence in paying for your new ride with our fixed and variable rate loans, designed just for vehicle purchases. We help you find rates to save you money. Learn more about our auto loans.

How to Apply

At First Commonwealth Bank, we want to make applying for a loan or line of credit simple. You can apply for a personal loan or line online or apply for a home equity loan or line online from any device. If you’d like an auto loan, you can apply over the phone or schedule an appointment.

Our application process is designed to help you. We present questions in plain language and only ask what we need to know to shorten the process. Our clear instructions will take you through the application step by step. If you need help while filling out an application, you can always contact First Commonwealth Bank for assistance.

Choose First Commonwealth Bank today for a personal loan or line of credit to enjoy a streamlined and comfortable experience.

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