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It's not always possible to pay for home renovations or unexpected one-time costs with cash, so there are several types of bank loans that can help cover upfront costs. With the right type of loan and the right rate, you can borrow just what you need without the debt you don't need.

Personal loans are often used to consolidate debt - like credit card debt - into one monthly payment, often at a lower rate. Use our calculator to see if you could benefit from debt consolidation.

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Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

We offer Home Equity Loans and FlexChoice Home Equity Line of credit. A home equity loan vs a line of credit is a personal decision, based on your financial situation. Learn more about our home equity loans and lines of credit.

Personal Loans

Personal loans and lines of credit that don't require collateral (like a home) are sometimes just what you need to continue on your financial journey. Learn more about our personal loans.

Auto Loan

We make finding the right car loan a whole lot easier. Whether you’re looking for the car loan rates for a new or used car, we offer fixed and variable rate loans for both. Learn more about our auto loans.