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Building Resilience

Putting the right structures in place now to build resilience in your business will not only benefit you in the short-term, but also get you on the right path to a long-term successful business. Strategies like making sure you have the right cash structure to testing and learning marketing strategies to help you grow your customer base and brand are critical. 

Step 1: Recovery; Solving The Cash Crisis

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Managing A Cash Crunch

Learn how to handle a sudden cash flow crunch. Learn more.

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Raising Cash Quickly In A Crisis

Learn how to raise cash when your business is under financial pressure. Learn more.

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Five Strategies To Increase Profit

Here are five cumulative ways you can look to increase your bottom line. Learn more.

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Raising Capital For Your Business

Learn ways you could raise the funds you need. Learn more.

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Avoid Running Out Of Money

Learn a number of ways to reduce the chance of running out of cash. Learn more.

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Finding Help And Support For Your Business

There's lots of ongoing help available for new businesses. Learn more.

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Setting Up Cash Flow Warning Triggers

Find out your cash flow warning triggers. Learn more.

Step 2: Focus On Customers; Existing And New

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Assessing A New Growth Market

Learn whether expanding into a new market is right for your business. Learn more.

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Sure-fire Marketing Plan In Eight Easy Steps

Learn the eight simple steps for making your marketing efforts more effective. Learn more.

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Developing A USP

The following are the four main categories of a unique selling proposition. Learn more.

Step 3: New Business Models

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Driving Online Traffic To Your Website

Learn more about how to drive 'qualified traffic' to your website. Learn more.

Step 4: Building Resilience And Future Planning

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Strategies To Increase Production Capability

Learn the strategies to help you build production capability. Learn more.

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Developing An Early Warning System

The earlier you can remedy an issue, the stronger your business will be. Learn more.

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Three Business Strategies In A Crisis

These are the three strategies to consider when your business is at risk. Learn more.

Tools And Templates

Business Plan Template

A sound, well constructed plan is the blueprint for a small business. 

Cash Flow Improvement Template

This calculator helps determines how much extra profit a business could make by implementing each of the 5 cash flow improvement strategies.

Marketing Plan Template

This easy-to-use Word template can be used to set clear goals and objectives for a successful marketing strategy.