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Corporate Asset & Investment Management

Our team at First Commonwealth Advisors works with many business investment accounts to include defined benefit plans, non-profits and other corporate investment accounts. Our institutional investment philosophy is founded in costs, taxes and asset allocation as the key drivers of success.

Our Approach to Institutional Asset and Investment Management

  • Understanding the institution's needs, values, mission and goals
  • Everything starts with our customers. We want to understand your values, special circumstances, time horizons, long term goals and risk tolerance. It's the foundation of what we do.
  • Developing an Investment Policy Statement
  • We work together to determine a customized investment policy statement and review this document regularly to refine or revise as needed.
  • Portfolio Construction
  • As a corporate fiduciary, our loyalty to our customers takes precedence over all. As part of this unbiased approach, we do not utilize proprietary funds or receive commissions from any fund managers we employ.
  • Our Portfolio Managers build investment portfolios using best-in-class investment products that are researched and monitored as part of our ongoing due diligence process. These products may include any of the following:
  • Individual Stocks
  • Individual Corporate and Municipal Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Alternative Investments (Limited Partnerships, etc.)
  • Tactical Management and Oversight
  • Our investment portfolio managers are constantly researching and monitoring market trends and economic conditions to uncover opportunities to proactively manage your portfolio.
  • Consistent Engagement
  • We regularly meet with our institutional customers (i.e. boards, finance committees, etc.) to update them on their progress and any recent market developments and ensure that we are informed of any changes to their circumstances.



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