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Female Business Owner Standing in Salon Smiling
Female Business Owner Standing in Salon Smiling

Managing Your Business

Solutions for managing and leveraging your cash flow so you can spend more time focused on the growth of your business.

Business Checking Accounts

We want you to spend more time with your customers, not with your bank accounts, so our business checking accounts are designed to keep you moving at the pace of your business. While you're focused on the growth of your company, we're focused on getting your information to you when you need it, how you want it.

All of our business checking accounts feature:

  • Secure access to manage your account everywhere you go with online banking and our mobile app, available at no charge from us1
  • FDIC insurance for deposits up to $250,0002
  • A Business Debit Mastercard®
  • Unlimited surcharge free transactions at 55,000+ ATMs nationwide through the First Commonwealth, Freedom Alliance and Allpoint networks
  • Additional free products and services available to you include Bill Payment1, Image Statements and eStatements

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What Are the Benefits of Opening a Business Checking Account?

No matter the size of your business, you need to set up an accounting system separate from your personal finances to protect yourself and your assets. Keeping your business and personal accounts apart makes it easier to track business expenses. You can see clearly where your money goes each month without filtering your transactions.

Other benefits of using a business checking account include:

  • Improved organization: When all of your transactions are in the same place, it’s easier to organize them. You know where to find the information you need about your finances. It takes just a few clicks to see when transactions occurred. 
  • Better preparation for tax time: Business owners know that tax time demands precision and coordination. A checking account for your business makes your accounting more transparent and easier to navigate. You will have an easier time preparing your tax documents, too. 
  • Online Banking: When you use our online banking services, you get automated updates and can simplify your accounting. 

We Have the Right Business Checking Account for Your Needs

At First Commonwealth Bank, we have assisted many business owners like you with opening checking accounts for their businesses. We understand your financial concerns, and we can help you navigate them with products tailored to your needs. Our business checking accounts can simplify your accounting and support your growth with services such as online and mobile banking, online Bill Payment1, image statements and a Business Debit Mastercard®, all of which are included with your business checking account. We can also connect you with our Merchant Services processor to help make it easier for your customers to pay you.

If your business continues to expand and you decide another type of checking account would better suit your needs, we can assist you with a seamless transition. Whether you’re just starting out and need a simple account or you need an account that accommodates high-volume transactions and/or Treasury Management services, we have options to suit your priorities.

Do All Your Business Banking Online

Many businesses operate remotely or have associates located in far-off locations. When you open a business account with First Commonwealth Bank, you can conduct your banking online using our website or our convenient mobile app. Our services allow you to keep up with your finances when you’re on the go or out of the office. You can look up your account balance and see transactions updated to the minute.

Business Checking

  • No monthly service charge3
  • 500 free items per statement cycle4
  • Non-interest bearing
  • Treasury Management services are not available

Business Solutions Checking

  • $25 monthly service charge, which can be waived if the minimum daily balance requirement of $5,000 is met3
  • 500 free items per statement cycle5
  • Non-interest bearing
  • Treasury Management services available: Remote Deposit Capture, ACH origination, online Wire Transfers and Positive Pay combined with ACH Filter or Block6,7

Elite Business Checking

  • Good for high transaction volume accounts
  • No monthly service charge3
  • Per item fees apply based on account usage8
  • All Treasury Management services available8
  • Earnings Credit available

Business Checking Plus

  • Specifically for non-profit businesses, associations and sole-proprietors
  • $10 service charge, which can be waived if the minimum daily balance requirement of $2,500 is met4
  • 500 free3 items per month5
  • Competitive interest rate

Compare Business Checking Accounts

check = available
n/a = does not apply
Business Checking Business Solutions Checking Elite Business Checking Business Checking Plus
Account Overview A non-interest bearing checking account for growing businesses A checking account that offers basic Treasury Management services Checking account for businesses with larger account activity and more robust Treasury Management needs Interest bearing checking account specifically designed for sole proprietors, nonprofit businesses and associations
Minimum Deposit to Open $50 $50 $50 $50
Monthly Service Charge n/a $25 n/a $10
Minimum Daily Balance to Avoid Monthly Service Charge n/a $5,000 n/a $2,500
Item Fee No charge for up to 500 items per statement cycle4 No charge for up to 500 items per statement cycle5 Based on account usage8 No charge for up to 500 items per statement cycle4
Excess Transaction Fee $0.25 per item over 500 $0.35 per item over 500 n/a $0.25 per item over 500
Interest Bearing n/a n/a n/a  
Business Debit Card        
Mobile Deposit        
Merchant Services        
Treasury Management Services n/a     n/a
Remote Deposit Capture n/a 6  8  n/a
ACH Origination n/a 6  8  n/a
Online Wire Transfer n/a 6,7  8  n/a
Positive Pay with ACH Filter or Block n/a 6  8  n/a
All other Treasury Management Services n/a n/a 8  n/a
No-fee Business BillPay1        
No-fee Mobile Banking1        
Access to over 55,000 ATMs        
No-fee Business Online Banking1        
Image Statements        
Fraud Protection Services        


Open Your Business Checking Account

Items for Opening a Business Checking Account

We'd love to see you in person at any of our local community offices. Be sure to have these items handy when you open your business checking account:

  • Business Information, including
    • Federal Tax ID, State Issued Registration ID Number and Issue date, Beneficial Ownership (names owning greater than 25% of equity or names controlling the entity like CEO and CFO)
  • Beneficial Owner and Signer Information, including
    • Social Security number, Government issued ID like a driver's license or passport, date of birth and current home address. 

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Need to Order Checks?

No problem - we can take care of that online or over the phone.


Open a Business Checking Account Today

Now is the right time to prioritize your business and gain financial confidence. Opening a business checking account in PA or OH can help you move closer to your organization's long- and short-term goals. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options or visit a local office.

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1 We don’t charge for these services but standard message, data, and internet service provider rates may apply so check with your carriers.

Insured up to maximum allowable amount.

3 Other fees such as non-sufficient funds, overdraft, etc. may apply. See Schedule of Services Fees for details.

4 Each item deposited or presented against an account is counted as one item. If the account exceeds 500 items in a statement cycle, a fee of $.25 per item over 500 will be assessed for the Business Checking or the Business Plus Checking.

5 Each item deposited or presented against an account is counted as one item. If the account exceeds 500 items in a statement cycle, a fee of $.35 per item over 500 will be assessed for the Business Solutions Checking.

6 Optional Treasury Management services are available for $30 per month per service and each service requires a separate enrollment. Please see the Business Solutions Account Treasury Management Pricing Schedule for additional fees.

7 Wire transfer is for domestic web wires only.

8 Fees are governed by the Treasury Management Terms and Conditions. Fees may be offset by an earnings credit and may reduce the earnings on the account.


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