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Protecting Your Business

Benefits solutions that protect your business

Employer Health & Benefits Consulting Services

The world of employee benefits is changing rapidly, and so are the costs. For many companies, the cost of employee benefits is the second largest expense after payroll. Our benefits consulting group works with company leaders to provide the best health and benefits consulting, equipping you to maximize this significant spend. Our approach to employer benefits consulting translates your data to provide a enterprise-wide approach to measuring, managing and ultimately decreasing your expenses.

Today's Benefits Arrangements

  • Benefits plans can be complex and many corporate executives who sponsor health benefit plans have little understanding of what they are buying, how their money is being spent and what is best for their employees
  • Organizations often fail to consider benefits in their long-term strategic planning and renewing previous benefits plans are easier than navigating new options
  • By working with our Benefits Consulting Services Team, executives can deploy innovative ideas and methods to help control what is often the second largest company expense

Our Benefits Consulting Team

Our Benefits Consulting Group exists to give employers confidence in what they're spending and where they can save. We put the interest of our customers first by helping them take control of every dollar of their plans, providing justification for their expenses, and creating transparency through data analytics. Through personal and thoughtful consultation, research and discovery, our team will help to determine whether an employer is achieving proper return on its investment.

Consulting Suite

Corporate executives can expect to understand their benefits plans holistically as they work with our consultants to manage their greatest asset - human capital.


  • Companies spend a significant amount on their benefit plans, so employees should understand them. We work together to host one-on-one enrollment meetings, provide compensation statements, and distribute educational materials to maximize employee engagement and understanding, allowing you to attract and retain valued talent.


  • Companies who are not embracing benefits technology are at a disadvantage. We want to equip you with the right tools including online enrollment options, payroll solutions, Affordable Care Act reporting, and human resources solutions.

Expense Management

  • You can't manage what you can't measure and not all plans are created equal. Data analytics is critical in managing plan expenses and we make it possible through technological solutions. We'll help you determine the best funding solution, provide a cash flow and budget rate analysis, assist in projecting claims, and develop budget projections through our claims analysis.


  • With consistent change in the healthcare industry, our team will keep you educated on regulatory requirements, healthcare reform deadlines, COBRA qualifications, legislative updates and more.

Internal Efficiency

  • HR departments are being tasked with increased workloads yet most companies are doing more with less staff. We can help build efficiencies with common billing platforms and HR solutions, freeing up your staff to focus on responsibilities that are more strategically advantageous to your company.


  • We'll evaluate and compare your insurance programs with traditional and non-traditional models to ensure the best fit for your organization. Our evaluation will include carrier/network analysis, plan design review, evaluation of contribution strategies, consideration of alternative funding methods and a review of supplemental products.
  • Our partnership with HSA Bank empowers your employees to make the most of their healthcare dollars, by simplifying the health account experience and using cutting-edge technology.