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The daily grind of running a business can, well, feel like a grind. It takes time to step back and make sure that your strategies for running your business are sound, but the payoff of doing so is immense.

Step 1: Efficiencies

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Five Strategies To Increase Profit

Here are five cumulative ways you can look to increase your bottom line. Learn more.

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Improving Your Profit Margin

Following these six steps can help you avoid granting credit or too much credit. Learn more.

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What To Do If Your Business Is Operating At A Loss

How to correct operating at a loss. Learn more.

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Pricing And Costing Accurately

To price accurately there are a number of steps. Learn more.

Step 2: Raising Finance

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Funding Growth: Friends And Bootstrapping

Finding ways to fund your business' growth. Learn more.

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Leasing Or Buying Assets: The Pros And Cons

Consider how purchases might impact your operating capital. Learn more.

Step 3: Cash Flow Management

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Improving Your Cash Flow

There are several methods for getting on top of your cash flow. Learn more.

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The Six Business Number To Track Success

There are six main business measurements that will give you a regular snapshot of how your business is doing. Learn more.

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Understanding And Improving Working Capital

Ways to improve your business' working capital. Learn more.

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Manage Your Debt And Get Paid On Time

One of the most important rules for a successful business is to swiftly collect money that’s owed to you. Learn more.

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Why You Need Multiple Payment Options

Your customers will expect to be able to use a range of payment options. Learn more.

Step 4: Improving Profit

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Six Keys To Survival And Success

Here are six ways to increase your chance of surviving and growing your business. Learn more.

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Defend And Justify Your Pricing

Be confident in your pricing strategy. Learn more.

Tools and Templates

Break Even Template

This break-even calculator is a simple tool can used to work out how much a business needs to sell in order to achieve a desired financial return.

Cash Flow Improvement Template

This calculator helps determines how much extra profit a business could make by implementing each of the 5 cash flow improvement strategies.

Loan Template

This is an easy-to-use calculator that helps small business owners work out what their repayment schedule would be, how long it will take to pay off the loan and the interest rate.