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Corporate Account Reconciliation Tools to Help Manage Cash Flow

Simplifying your reconcilement means giving more time back to your business and ensuring greater accuracy of your account information. With five reconcilement options, you can ensure the best management of your cash flow.

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Full Account Reconcilement

  • Cleared checks are compared to a file of issued checks that you submit to the us
  • Detailed bank reconcilement reports listing all checks paid during a statement period, as well as details on outstanding checks and any exception items, will then be delivered to you via hard copy and/or CD-ROM

Partial Account Reconcilement (Export)

  • Export detailed transaction information in a variety of formats, including Excel with our online banking
  • Exporting information, such as cleared checks enables you to cross-reference this data to your accounts payable system throughout the month, simplifying and speeding your reconcilement process. You can use this information to quickly identify errors and discrepancies as well.

Deposit Reconcilement

  • Deposit Reconcilement captures the deposit transactions made to your checking account by location in serial number order with the date posted and the deposit amount.
  • Detailed information can be viewed via online banking.
  • Deposit Reconcilement is ideal for companies with multiple locations or departments depositing into a single account.
  • Benefits include the concentration of funds into one large account which can enhance interest earnings, improve the efficiency of your disbursements and reduce overdraft occurrences.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • If your business receives ACH items with addenda (supplemental data such as a remittance advice), you understand how critical it is to translate that addenda information into a useful format. In addition, the information must be received quickly so that you can make important business decisions.
  • Our EDI Information Reporting services provide timely and accurate translation and notification of these types of transactions.

Getting Started is Easy

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