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Frequently Asked Questions


When you have questions, we have answers. Our team is always a phone call away but we also keep a list of frequently asked questions as we hear from our customers.

Locations and Customer Service

How do I find the hours my branch is open?

Check out our ATM/Branch Locations search tool. You can find offices and ATMs near you.

How do I get in touch with you if my branch is closed?

Our Engagement Center team is available at 800-711-BANK (2265) Monday through Friday during the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and on the weekends from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

How do I change my address?

To change your address, call us at 800-711-BANK (2265) or visit any of our community offices

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Can I get foreign currency?

We can definitely help you with that at any of our community offices. Just reach out to us well in advance of your trip to make sure you're all set.

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Account Questions

Where do I mail my loan payment?

All First Commonwealth Bank loan payments should be mailed to:
First Commonwealth Bank, Payment Processing
PO Box 537
Indiana, PA 15701

You can also make online loan payments on our secure site.

Why is there a fee for exceeding transactions in my savings account?

Savings and Money Market accounts are part of a Federal regulation which limits the number of "convenient" withdrawals or transfers you can make to one of your accounts or to a third party, per statement cycle. This regulation was made to encourage customers to use savings accounts to grow savings vs using it as a transaction account (checking accounts are better for that). 

What is an inactivity fee?

Inactivity is when an account doesn't have deposits or withdrawals for one year. Inactivity fees are only charged on Hometown Checking products, Business Checking, Elite Business Checking, Business Sweep and Elite Business Sweep accounts.  

How can I set up a stop payment?

There are three easy ways to set up a stop payment. Visit us in person at any of our community offices, call us at 800-711-BANK (2265) or use online banking. Once you're logged in to online banking, go to the account transaction page for the account on which you need to place the stop payment. A sub tab will appear with the option to stop payment.

How can I reset my debit card PIN?

If you know your current PIN and just need to change it, you can do that at any of our ATMs. If you forgot your PIN (no worries, it happens), just call us at 800-711-BANK (2265) and request a PIN mailer.

How do I get a money order or cashier's check?

That's an easy one - just visit any of our community offices and we'd be happy to help.

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How can I close my account?

Aside from being sad to see you go, to close an account you'll just need to give us a call at 800-711-BANK (2265) or visit at any of our community offices

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I need a student loan. Are you able to help?

We have options to help pay for education that we'd love to chat about. Call us at 800-711-BANK (2265) or visit at any of our community offices

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I’ve been getting a lot of telemarketing calls and letters since I applied for a loan with First Commonwealth Bank. Was my information sold?

First Commonwealth Bank never sells your information.

While reviewing a loan application, we request your credit report and credit score from the major credit bureaus. All three national credit bureaus have ‘event-based trigger’ programs, which identify you to be in the market for new credit in the near-term based on certain changes in your credit profile. In this case, the fact that you are applying for a mortgage may indicate that you are likely to be shopping for a mortgage. Other lenders purchase this information and will contact you quickly in an attempt to provide you with a loan before you close a loan with us.

Event-based trigger programs are legal. They meet all Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations and guidelines and are presently offered by all three national credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion). Consumer information could vary depending on the credit bureau providing the trigger notification service, but lenders may purchase a list that includes your name, address, inquiry type, credit score, and other optional data attributes. They may buy your phone number from a third-party provider.

If you do not want to receive pre-screened offers of credit and insurance, you have two choices: You can opt out of receiving them for five years or opt out of receiving them permanently by calling toll-free 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) or visiting www.optoutprescreen.com for details. The telephone number and website are operated by the major consumer reporting companies.

If you have joint credit relationships, like a mortgage or a car loan with a spouse, partner or other adult, you may continue to receive pre-screened solicitations until both of you exercise your opt-out right.

Opting out has no effect on your credit score or your ability to apply for or obtain credit or insurance. Requests to opt out are processed within five days, but it may take up to 60 days before you stop receiving pre-screened offers. Calling the opt-out line or visiting the website will stop the pre-screened solicitations that are based on lists from the major consumer reporting companies. You may continue to get solicitations for credit and insurance based on lists from other sources. For example, opting out won’t end solicitations from local merchants, religious and charitable associations, professional and alumni associations, and companies with which you already conduct business. To stop mail from groups like these — as well as mail addressed to ‘occupant’ or ‘resident’ — you must contact each source directly.


Online and Mobile Banking

I'm having trouble enrolling in Online Banking. It says I already have an account or that my information is incorrect.

You may already have a profile within our Online Banking system. Please make sure that your account number is accurate and if you're still having trouble, just give us a call. 

I'm having trouble resetting my password.

We have a "Forgot Password" option, but if you're having trouble answering the questions correctly, we can help! Call us at 800-711-BANK (2265).

Why do I have to reset my security questions?

There are a few reasons for this, but the most important is that by resetting your security questions on a regular basis, you're preventing malware, which may collect keystrokes, from easily obtaining your information.

Why am I seeing a different secure image when I try to log in?

Used to seeing a flower but now you see a dog? It's probably because you mis-typed your username. Just try again or if you're unsure of your username, call us at 800-711-BANK (2265).

I'm locked out of my account. Help.

This could be from putting in your username or password incorrectly too many times. Try using the "Forgot Password" link which appears after you enter your username.

How do I turn on Touch ID in my app?

There's an option on the log in screen or you can log in, open the fly out menu on the left, and select "Preferences." Look for Touch ID.

What does it mean when I see "Vertex Teller Debit" in my transaction history?

This is indicating a transaction that you made over the counter at one of our community offices. 

How do I sign up for eStatements?

Log in to Online Banking, select the "eNotices" tab and follow the prompts to get started. This includes entering some information and agreeing to our eSign agreement.

How do I set up an external transfer? 

Once you're logged in to Online Banking, select the "External Transfers" tab, add the account, and then verify the account which is done when we make two small deposits into that account. 

How do I schedule a payment?

On the payments page, to the right of the payees, you'll see a listing of amounts and the dates to be paid. The date has a calendar option and will automatically appear when clicking on the Payment Date field. In mobile, just select the + sign when you're on the "Pay Bills" page.

Can I delete a payee?

Yep, once you're logged in, select the payee you want to delete by clicking on their name. This takes you to the Payee details page and to the right of their name, look for "Edit Payee." This gives you the option to delete. You could also change the name of the Payee to something fun like "Bestie," or "Frenemy."

How can I stop a recurring payment?

Select the payee, then on the following screen select "Edit Recurring." From there, you'll see several options to edit the payment - select "Edit Entire Series." You'll be taken to a page where at the bottom you can choose "I would like to stop this payment."

My saved password in Online Banking isn't updating.

There are a few easy steps to update your saved password. Turn off the "Offer to Save Password" and "Auto Sign-In Feature." Clear your cookies, passwords and other sign-in data, history, stored files and cache. Close all of your browsers and try again. If you still have trouble, please contact us at 1-800-711-BANK (2265).


Overdraft Protection

What is overdraft protection?

Overdraft Protection Plans (OD Protection) provide a safe, low-cost way to guard against accidental overdrafts and it does not cost you anything until you actually use the service. It allows you to link your First Commonwealth Bank checking account to another account, and if you overdraw your checking, the exact amount is transferred from your linked account to cover the transaction(s)1. A transfer fee may apply.

How do I control or adjust my overdraft options?

We offer several tools to help you manage and monitor your accounts:   

  • Online banking and mobile banking2 provide you with 24/7 access to your accounts, including views of pending and posted transactions. You can also:
  • Transfer funds between your accounts with a few simple clicks
  • Set up alerts that can be sent via email or text message to help manage your money
  • Our Engagement Center gives you access to your accounts by calling 1-800-711-BANK (2265).

What accounts are eligible for overdraft protection?

Our Hometown Checking, Hometown Checking + Interest, and Hometown Checking + Interest + Solutions accounts.

1 Overdraft transfer services are limited to the available balance in the linked account.

We don’t charge for these services but standard message, data, and internet service provider rates may apply so check with your carriers.