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Tools And Templates

Break Even Template

This break-even calculator is a simple tool can used to work out how much a business needs to sell in order to achieve a desired financial return.

Business Plan Template

A sound, well constructed plan is the blueprint for a small business. 

Cash Flow Improvement Template

This calculator helps determines how much extra profit a business could make by implementing each of the 5 cash flow improvement strategies.

Employee Costs Template

Businesses can use this calculator to get a quick estimate of the true cost of a new or existing employee.

Loan Template

This is an easy-to-use calculator that helps small business owners work out what their repayment schedule would be, how long it will take to pay off the loan and the interest rate.

Marketing On A Shoestring Template

If the marketing budget’s looking tight but you need some big results, work your way through our ideas for an action plan – you’ll find some great ways to make that precious cash stretch.

Marketing Plan Template

This easy-to-use Word template can be used to set clear goals and objectives for a successful marketing strategy.

Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Template

Use this tool to monitor the cash flow of your business.

Revenue Template

Businesses use this revenue calculator to quickly work out a ballpark estimate of the revenue potential of a business or idea.

SBA Cash Flow Forecast Template

This template covers three years of monthly cash flows, including a summary page. It’s designed to assist SBA loan applications.