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Tools And Templates

Use Our Resources/Calculators to Improve Your Financial Confidence

As a business owner, you face many questions each day. But it’s the bigger-picture issues, the ones that could impact your company’s financial future, that keep you up at night. Knowing when to expand or contract or calculating how much money you need to make payroll can determine your business's success. You can also face everyday questions that demand answers. Can you afford your business’s startup costs? Will you break even on a potential acquisition? Would your cash flow rise if you implemented a new financial strategy?

While you can never be 100% certain of these answers, you can get the guidance you need to make intelligent decisions. At First Commonwealth Bank, we offer resources and calculators to help you gain more insights into your financial situation and how it could evolve by making certain changes. Note that the money management resources listed here are meant solely as overviews and helpful information. The financial professionals at First Commonwealth Bank can provide better insights and information about your money when you schedule an appointment.

Break Even Template

This break-even calculator is a simple tool can used to work out how much a business needs to sell in order to achieve a desired financial return.

Burn Rate Calculator

This calculator helps you to work out the date when your business will likely run out of case - otherwise know as its case zero date.

Business Debt Schedule

A document that lists all of your business-related debt, including any loans, leases, contracts and notes payable.

Business Plan Template

A sound, well constructed plan is the blueprint for a small business. 

Cash Flow Improvement Template

This calculator helps determines how much extra profit a business could make by implementing each of the 5 cash flow improvement strategies.

Charge Out Rate Calculator

This calculator helps you work out how much your business should charge customers, in order to cover your costs and reach your desired level of income.

Discount Calculator

Use this calculator to see the impact of discounting on your profit. 

Employee Costs Template

Businesses can use this calculator to get a quick estimate of the true cost of a new or existing employee.

Loan Template

This is an easy-to-use calculator that helps small business owners work out what their repayment schedule would be, how long it will take to pay off the loan and the interest rate.

Personal Financial Statement

A document that outlines an individual's financial position at a given point in time. The statement typically includes general information about the individual, such as name and address, along with a breakdown of total assets and liabilities.

Product Pricing Template

This template can help you calculate how much you should sell your offering for, in order to make the margin you want.

Rent Roll

A document that details gross rents, specific property expenses, and other general information regarding investment real estate.

Marketing On A Shoestring Template

If the marketing budget’s looking tight but you need some big results, work your way through our ideas for an action plan – you’ll find some great ways to make that precious cash stretch.

Marketing Plan Template

This easy-to-use Word template can be used to set clear goals and objectives for a successful marketing strategy.

Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Template

Use this tool to monitor the cash flow of your business.

Revenue Template

Businesses use this revenue calculator to quickly work out a ballpark estimate of the revenue potential of a business or idea.

SBA Cash Flow Forecast Template

This template covers three years of monthly cash flows, including a summary page. It’s designed to assist SBA loan applications.

Start-up Costs Calculator

Use this calculator to help you determine you business' start-up costs.

SWOT Analysis Template

A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) helps a business owner take an overview of what is or could happen in your business or industry. 

Use Our Savings Resources and More to Reach Your Goals

Making sound financial decisions can separate your business from the crowd. You want to know how these choices will impact your long-term success. Getting a fuller picture of your resources and how a change will affect them is critical to making smart decisions.

We have compiled tools for all types of common business situations that offer ways to analyze your finances. You can explore possibilities for new efficiencies with these tools, such as:

  • Calculating what your business should charge customers while balancing costs and revenue.
  • Determining whether discounting is costing your company too much money.
  • Tracking business debt, including leases, notes payable and loans.

Resources for New Business Owners

Haven’t launched your business yet or still considering your possibilities? You can use our tools, too. We offer a new business template to calculate a smart approach to company launch. It includes spaces for your business profile, strategy, management team, social media profiles and more. You can get organized and track your finances with this vital tool.

New business owners can also benefit from the employee costs template, which allows you to add up the true value of an employee. While you should weigh their nonmonetary contributions to your business as well, the tool indicates whether you are spending efficiently on labor.

Newly launched businesses depend on marketing to spread the word about their offerings. Our downloads include two marketing-related documents that can help you plan your public relations pitches and envision your social media strategy in action. Planning ahead always helps with execution.

Get in Touch Today to Discuss Our Resources

Using the right money management tools can help you stay on track with your business’s financial goals and improve your financial confidence. Turn to us when you need budgeting resources for your company and more. Schedule an appointment to address your questions or contact a local community office.

Note that the resources listed here are meant solely as overviews and helpful information. Please consult experts regarding your specific security needs for your business.