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When it's time to exit your business, nothing will give you more confidence than knowing that you've planned ahead for that very moment. With the right strategies in place, it can happen.

Step 1: Succession Planning

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Determining Your Exit Strategy

It’s never too early to start planning. Learn more.

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Finding The Right Successor For Your Business

Putting a succession plan in place helps ensure the future stability of your business. Learn more.

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Letting Go And Delegating Control

Learning to delegate control and then letting go of the reins entirely is especially important. Learn more.

Business Plan Template

A sound, well constructed plan is the blueprint for a small business. 

Business Value Template

This business value calculator will provide a quick approximate value and is a great place to start before seeking professional help.

Cash Flow Improvement Template

This calculator helps determines how much extra profit a business could make by implementing each of the 5 cash flow improvement strategies.

Step 2: Selling

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Organizing Your Business For Sale

It’s important to start organizing your business for sale as early as possible. Learn more.

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Preparing For Due Diligence By A Prospective Purchaser

If you’re planning to put your business on the market, getting it ready for sale beforehand is crucial. Learn more.

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The Seven Most Important Things Buyers Want

What to consider from a buyer's point of view. Learn more.

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What To Put In A Confidentiality Agreement

Knowing how much information to provide to a potential buyers. Learn more.

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First Steps To Selling Your Business

If you plan ahead, you’ll be ready when the time comes. Learn more.

SWOT Analysis Template

A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) helps a business owner take an overview of what is or could happen in your business or industry. 

Step 3: Closing

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A Step-by-Step Plan To Help Close Your Business Down

Learn the right process to close down your business. Learn more.

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Maximize The Value Of Your Business Before Selling

Forward planning and preparation will increase your chance of getting the very best price for your business. Learn more.

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Valuing Your Business

Insight on how to value your business when you decide to sell. Learn more.

Note that the resources listed here are meant solely as overviews and helpful information. Please consult experts regarding your specific security needs for your business.