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Starting Up

Could there be a more exciting time than starting up a business? Probably not. The thought of launching your passion into a for-profit venture requires a tremendous amount of planning and foresight, as well as the right partnerships. Let's get started together.

Step 1. Check your idea is feasible

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Researching the viability of your idea

Find ways to collect accurate information about your business idea. Learn more.

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Protecting your competitive advantage

Learn ways to protect your small business' competitive advantage. Learn more.

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Four strengthening strategies

Use these four strategies to make your start-up strong. Learn more.

Step 2. Check if you have the finances

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Calculating the cost of startup

Know what you need before you start. Learn more.

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Sources of small business funding

Six steps for navigating funding. Learn more.

Step 3. Check you are compliant

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Business records you need to keep

Staying on the right side of the IRS. Learn more.

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Keeping track of your finances

In a nutshell - document everything. Learn more.

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Protecting your intellectual property

Maintain a competitive advantage. Learn more.

Step 4. Launch

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Developing new ways to do business online

Meet your customers where they are. Learn more.


Break Even Calculator

Business Loan Calculator

Customer Stories

Nick Davis MD logo

Nick Davis MD and Associates

While working on a home refinance in early 2020 with First Commonwealth, Dr. Nick Davis was introduced to John Walters from... Read more.

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Enginehouse 25 Wines

Running three businesses, Duane and Kate Rieder have come to rely on their partnership with First Commonwealth Bank. Read more.


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Growth Checklist

The main areas of focus for getting started in business. Learn more.

Tools and Templates

Business Plan Template

A sound, well constructed plan is the blueprint for a small business. 

Cash Flow Improvement Template

This calculator helps determines how much extra profit a business could make by implementing each of the 5 cash flow improvement strategies.

Break Even Template

This break-even calculator is a simple tool can used to work out how much a business needs to sell in order to achieve a desired financial return.