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Solutions to Enhance the Efficiency of your Receivables Management Process

Speed up your receivables processing and maximize your cash flow with lockbox services and remote deposit capture - because nothing is more valuable to your company than your time.

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Remote Deposit Capture

  • Scan checks to deposit at your business location(s) instead of making a trip to the bank
  • Deposit multiple checks using a scanner that we provide
  • Enjoy later deposit cut offs than if you were visiting a community office
  • Reconcile your deposits within online banking

Please view our online demo for Remote Deposit.

Our Small Business Treasury Management Package allows small businesses to utilize services like Remote Deposit capture. Contact us to see if your small business qualifies.

Lockbox Services

  • Our lockbox services give faster access to your cash by collecting and processing accounts receivable payments in a centralized location.
  • Payments are collected and deposited directly into your operating account, reducing mail and check clearing float
  • Includes Lockbox Image
  • Images of deposited checks and remittance documents are available with our Lockbox solutions.
  • These images can be accessed online via online banking and/or via a monthly CD-ROM

Cash Concentration

  • Cash Concentration is an ACH Origination service that lets you transfer daily deposits from numerous, widely dispersed locations into a central, corporate account
  • Ideal solution for companies with multiple locations that process deposits
  • Streamlining deposit funds can increase your investment potential and reduce your need to borrow

ACH Origination – Direct Debit

  • Your customers can grant you the authority to automatically withdraw funds from their checking or savings accounts through the Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • We then process the payments through ACH and the total amount is credited to your account the next banking day.

Cash Vault

  • Make secure deposits and order cash without making a trip to the bank
  • If you have employee safety and security concerns around making deposits, cash vault services provide a convenient, secure, and efficient way to make deposits.
  • Your currency and coin needs can be fulfilled easily through phone or standing order deliveries

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