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Savings solutions for short-term and long-term growth.

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Business Savings Account

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Establishing a habit of saving for your business can at times feel impossible, but the payoff for building the balance of your business savings accounts is almost incalculable. A savings strategy for your business can mean having confidence during an economic downturn and can position you to expand your business through acquisition.

The right business savings account is the foundation for making the most of excess cash flow. Our business savings account options were built with your confidence in mind, allowing you to earn interest while maintaining access to your money.1

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What is a Business Savings Account?

You can use a business savings account to set money aside for unexpected or planned needs for your business. Our business savings options earn interest, allowing you to grow your savings over time.

Business Savings Account Benefits

Having a business savings account can help you:


Save for the unexpected: A business savings account gives you an extra financial cushion to help with unexpected expenses. Whether your equipment breaks or there's a leak in your roof, you'll gain peace of mind knowing you have the funds to cover these unanticipated costs.

Plan for upcoming expenses: Putting money into a business savings account can help you save for future expenses — like taxes and planned building renovations — and invest in your business's growth.

Grow your money: When you open an interest-bearing business savings account, your balance will earn interest over time.

Prevent overdrafts: Link your business savings account to your business checking account to prevent overdraft fees. If there aren't enough funds in your checking account to cover an expense, an automatic transfer from your linked savings account can fill in the gaps.1,2

Protect your funds: Our business savings accounts are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to the standard maximum insurance amount of $250,000 per depositor category.

Our Business Savings Accounts Feature:

Secure access to manage your account everywhere you go with online banking and our mobile app, available at no charge from us3.


Overdraft protection option between your business savings account that can be linked to your business checking accounts2


Business Savings Account

  • Earn higher interest rates for higher balances
  • $5 service charge per statement cycle is waived with $500 minimum daily balance
  • $50 minimum deposit to open

Hometown Money Market Account

  • Earn higher interest rates for higher balances
  • Access your funds with up to 6 checks or transfers each month1
  • $3 service charge per statement cycle is waived with $1,000 minimum daily balance
  • $1,000 minimum deposit to open


Why Open a Business Savings Account with Us?

At First Commonwealth Bank, we make it easy for you to save money with our business savings accounts. Work with us to benefit from:

  • Options tailored to your business: Our business savings options are perfect for companies of any size, from small businesses to large corporations.
  • High interest rates: We offer competitive, tiered interest rates to help you earn money on your savings..
  • Easy access to your funds: We make it quick and easy for you to access your savings. There's no need to jump through hoops with us.
  • Exceptional customer service: We'll go the extra mile to ensure your account meets all your needs.
  • Financial expertise: We’ve served customers in Pennsylvania and Ohio for more than 40 years, with a highly experienced team of bankers.

Open Your Business Savings Account Now

Items needed for opening a business savings account

We'd be happy to open a savings account at any of our community offices. Be sure to have these items handy when you open your business savings:

  • Business Information, including
    • Federal Tax ID, State Issued Registration ID Number and Issue date, Beneficial Ownership (names owning greater than 25% of equity or names controlling the entity like CEO and CFO)
  • Beneficial Owner and Signer Information, including
    • Social Security number, Government issued ID like a driver's license or passport, date of birth and current home address. 

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Additional Strategies for Building Your Business Savings

In addition to having business savings accounts that provide flexibility for your business and help you manage cash flow, it’s critical to have an approach for saving for the long term. If you are a sole-proprietor or have a large employee base, we’d be happy to help and your employees meet retirement investing goals. Use our community office locator tool to find a member of our Advisors division to get started on planning your future.

More Resources for Your Business

As a community bank, we love working with local businesses to help them open and expand with our OH and PA bank savings accounts. Here are a few helpful resources as you think through your strategy for your business. We’d always love to talk to you – contact us at 800.711.BANK (2265).

Savings Plans for Small Businesses – a 30-minute webinar provided by the Small Business Administration. 

What Should a Business Succession Plan Include – think of succession planning as a trail map and let our Resource Center get you started.

Overdraft Information – your First Commonwealth Bank business savings account can be linked to your business checking accounts for overdraft protection2. Refresh yourself on what overdrafts are and how to prevent them.

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First Commonwealth Bank is proud to offer business savings accounts to customers in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Our local roots run deep, with branch locations in western and central Pennsylvania and northern, southern and central Ohio. Opening a business savings account in Columbus, OH has never been easier.

We're big enough to deliver the services you'd get from a larger bank yet small enough to provide personalized, attentive service to each of our customers. We work hard to help you improve your financial situation so your business can thrive.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how our business savings accounts can help your company grow and save money.

1 The number of free withdrawals or transfers from a savings or money market account to another bank account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized agreement, by telephone, online banking or initiated by check, draft, debit card, or similar order to a third party are limited to six (6) per statement cycle. This includes online bill payments and overdraft transfers. An Excessive Transaction Fee of $6.00 may be charged for each debit paid in excess of six (6) during a statement cycle.

2 Overdraft transfer services are limited to the available balance in the linked account. A transfer fee may apply. If the funds are not available in the linked account, the $35.00 fee for Non-Sufficient Funds or Overdraft may be assessed per item, up to 4 per day. Add Overdraft Protection by calling 800-711-BANK (2265) or visiting a community office near you.

3We don’t charge for these services but standard message, data, and internet service provider rates may apply so check with your carriers.


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