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Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you need to refinance, renovate or purchase commercial real estate, having the right commercial mortgage solution and loan structure can further position you for growth. Our approach to commercial real estate solutions includes getting to know your business model, objectives and goals so that together we can structure your real estate loan in a way that makes sense for you and your business.

Types of Commercial Real Estate Loans

Owner Occupied

Your commercial property can be a valuable source of equity used to remodel or expand your growing business. Owner-occupied mortgage financing is ideal for retrofitting a location to better suit the needs of your business, or purchasing a new space, all while building equity without the uncertainty of renting or leasing.

  • Rates are fixed for the specified term, and we offer a discount if the payment is automatically deducted from your First Commonwealth Business checking account each month.
  • We offer commercial mortgage loans in amounts as low as $25,000.
  • For owner-occupied real estate, we can finance up to 80% of the appraised value or purchase price, whichever is lower. If you are doing building improvements, we will use the purchase price plus the value of the improvements.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) options are available.

We offer owner-occupied commercial real estate loans to those who occupy most of a commercial property. One of our bankers can explain the portion of a commercial building you must own or currently work out of in order to qualify. Our professionals can arrange owner-occupied commercial real estate loans around spaces such as offices, retail stores, industrial buildings, health care buildings and others.

Benefits of Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans

An owner-occupied commercial real estate loan makes sense for professionals who currently own or want to own their property and do not want the risks associated with leasing out space to other parties. In some cases, you could qualify for tax write-offs you'd otherwise be unable to get with renting a space for your operations.

Owner-occupied commercial real estate loans help you plan for your company's future. If you'd like to sell your business down the road, you can skip the negotiation process with other parties necessary to finalize the change in ownership of a building. You can get the funding you need to expand with fewer obstacles by applying for the right commercial real estate loan for your applications.

Commercial real estate is an asset for your business. Holding onto real estate equity with our flexible loans can give you a competitive advantage over others in your industry who share a commercial property or move between spaces regularly.

Investment Property Loans

Investment properties can be a great growth strategy if you’re ready to assume the responsibilities that come with renting or leasing property to other individuals, families or businesses.

By researching the type of investment property you’d like to purchase, whether that be rental homes or office space, you’ll have a full view of the benefits and risks involved with that property. Our team would love to consult with you to make sure your mortgage financing best positions you to have income-producing properties.

  • Your rates will be fixed for the specified term, and we offer a discount if the payment is automatically taken from your First Commonwealth business checking account each month.
  • We offer commercial mortgage loans of $25,000 or more.

For investment real estate, we will finance up to 80% of the appraised value or purchase price dependent on the property type and class. We always go with the lowest option.Investment properties for your business can be an excellent source of cash flow. We work with individuals who want to acquire properties for rental income or renovate and sell later for a profit. With our help, you can take out a commercial real estate loan to own office spaces, housing units, industrial facilities, retail storefronts and other properties used for generating revenue.

Benefits of Commercial Investment Property Loans

Commercial investment property loans are worth considering if you see an immediate opportunity with properties for sale. Owning commercial real estate to rent to others could help you cover monthly costs associated with your business, such as utilities and maintenance. This is especially true for rental properties that sit in populated towns or cities, as there could be a high demand for workspaces.

Acquire the commercial properties you want without depleting your savings. Speaking to one of our experts is a proactive way to learn more about how a commercial investment property loan can work for your goals.

Commercial Construction Loans

There are few things more exciting than partnering with local commercial developers and business owners to build commercial properties from the ground up, as we know these investments in our business community yield a significant impact on our communities.

Thanks to our professionals, you can get the funding you need to create your dream workspace. Tell us more about your specific vision for construction projects, and we can organize commercial construction loans for new structures in western and central Pennsylvania and Ohio. Whether you're planning for a renovation job or something bigger, we can help you secure a loan with flexible terms.

Learn more about our commercial construction loan solutions:

  • You can build on an existing property or start new construction.
  • We approve loans for as little as $50,000.
  • You can get funds disbursed throughout construction periods instead of all at once.
  • Ask us about structured repayment plans to expand your business on the right note.

Benefits of Commercial Construction Loans

You can use our commercial construction loans to cover a wide range of expenses. Kick-start your construction project with the funding needed to hire workers, purchase materials and cover land development tasks to complete your assignment on a controlled timeline.

Securing a commercial construction loan is straightforward with our experts. Manage your growing team and attract new business with a new commercial space you can call your own.

Getting Started With Us Today

Whatever your strategic direction and goals may be, you can be confident we’ll help you find the financing solutions that best meet your company’s needs. Connect with us to get started.

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