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Disbursement Solutions to Streamline Payments

Your cash flow can be significantly impacted by your approach to how you manage cash disbursements. With many vendors providing discounts based on your type of payment and the increasing need to protect your accounts against fraud, it's important to get equipped with the right payment solution.

ACH Origination Types

  • Direct Deposit - an Automated Clearing House (ACH) service that allows you to deposit your employees’ net pay into their personal accounts, regardless of where those accounts are located. This is critical in making sure your employee payments are processed efficiently, giving them the money they work hard for on time every time
  • Other Payments - ACH Origination can also be used to pay your bills to other third parties such as vendors and suppliers or customers. It eliminates paper checks and provides a more efficient way to manage bill payments.

Our Small Business Treasury Management Package allows small businesses to utilize services like ACH origination. Contact us to see if your Small Business qualifies.

Wire Transfer Disbursements

Wire transfers are most ideal when speed is critical and you're making a large dollar transaction. Wire transfers settle on the day they are initiated and the funds are guaranteed.

Wire transfers can be initiated two ways once you've executed a Treasury Management Agreement with our team:

  • Calling the First Commonwealth Bank wire room at 877-849-2344
  • Online via Business Online Banking

One Card

The One Card program can consolidate all payment activities (purchasing, travel and entertainment, and MRO expenses) into one easy program that speeds up purchases, minimizes paperwork and improves your bottom line.

Business BillPay

Tailored to meet the needs of today’s business client, BillPay offers cutting-edge features and innovative functionality to automate your company’s accounts payable process.