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Compare Business Checking Accounts

Managing the finances of your business all starts with having the right business checking account. And because we want you to spend more time making money for your business and less time managing it, we’ve designed business checking accounts that give you secure and unlimited access to your money. Plus, our Business Solutions Checking and Elite Business Checking accounts open the door to our Treasury Management solutions, which are essential for businesses that are serious about their growth.

Choosing the Best Checking Account for Your Business

All of our business checking accounts include access to online banking1 and our mobile app1, have FDIC insurance for deposits up to $250,0002 and your business debit card3 attached to a checking account can be used surcharge-free at more than 55,000 ATMs worldwide through our ATM networks. Plus by using your business debit card, you automatically earn rebates with the Mastercard Easy Savings4 program.

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Business Checking Account Comparison Chart

check = available
n/a = does not apply
Business Checking Business Solutions Checking Elite Business Checking Business Checking Plus
Account Overview A non-interest bearing checking account for growing businesses A checking account that offers basic Treasury Management services Checking account for businesses with larger account activity and more robust Treasury Management needs Interest bearing checking account specifically designed for sole proprietors, nonprofit businesses and associations
Minimum Deposit to Open $50 $50 $50 $50
Monthly Service Charge n/a $25 n/a $10
Minimum Daily Balance to Avoid Monthly Service Charge n/a $5,000 n/a $2,500
Item Fee No charge for up to 500 items per statement cycle5 No charge for up to 500 items per statement cycle6 Based on account usage9 No charge for up to 500 items per statement cycle5
Excess Transaction Fee $0.25 per item over 500 $0.35 per item over 500 n/a $0.25 per item over 500
Interest Bearing n/a n/a n/a  
Business Debit Card        
Mobile Deposit        
Merchant Services        
Treasury Management Services n/a     n/a
Remote Deposit Capture n/a 7  9  n/a
ACH Origination n/a 7  9  n/a
Online Wire Transfer n/a 7,8  9  n/a
Positive Pay with ACH Filter or Block n/a 7  9  n/a
All other Treasury Management Services n/a n/a 9  n/a
No-fee Business BillPay1        
No-fee Mobile Banking1        
Access to over 55,000 ATMs        
No-fee Business Online Banking1        
Image Statements        
Fraud Protection Services        

You've Compared Our Checking Accounts - What's Next?

Our team would love to connect with you to determine the best business checking account for your specific situation. Our business checking accounts can be opened in person at any of our community offices throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. Here’s a quick list of items you’ll need to bring with you at account opening:

  • Business information, including
  • Federal Tax ID, State Issued Registration ID Number and Issue date, Beneficial Ownership (names owning greater than 25% of equity or names controlling the entity like CEO and CFO)
  • Beneficial Owner and Signer Information, including
  • Social Security number, Government issued ID like a driver's license or passport, date of birth and current home address

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Additional Resources for Your Business

The last thing you need to spend your time on is dealing with fraud, yet fraudsters spend a lot of their time trying to access private information. Here are a few resources to help keep fraudsters at bay, including added protection for your business checking accounts:

  • Security Manager, our multifactor authentication within our Online Banking, designed to prevent transaction fraud
  • Our debit card control app, SecurLOCKTM EQUIP, that enables you to set up transaction controls for merchant codes, location and spending thresholds
  • Our Fraud Center, which is frequently updated with information about the latest scams and has resources including 3 Ways to Protect Your Business from Fraud

1 We don’t charge for these services but standard message, data, and internet service provider rates may apply so check with your carriers.

2 Insured up to maximum allowable amount.

3 Overdraft and returned item fees may apply.

4 At the end of each Cardholder’s billing period, Rewards are calculated by multiplying the total amount of purchases by 1%. Rewards will not be earned for cash advances. The rewards will be issued via check at the end of each calendar quarter in $50 increments. There is no limit to the amount of Rewards that can be earned each year. Rewards will not be earned if a Cardholder is two or more statement cycles past due. If a Cardholder account is closed during the quarter, the 1% Rewards will be credited to the company as long as the company account is active as of the end of the quarter. Rewards will be forfeited if the Company closes its account before the Rewards are credited. Rewards, not credited, will expire 3 years after being earned.

5 Each item deposited or presented against an account is counted as one item. If the account exceeds 500 items in a statement cycle, a fee of $.25 per item over 500 will be assessed for the Business Checking or the Business Plus Checking.

6 Each item deposited or presented against an account is counted as one item. If the account exceeds 500 items in a statement cycle, a fee of $.35 per item over 500 will be assessed for the Business Solutions Checking.

7 Optional Treasury Management services are available for $30 per month per service and each service requires a separate enrollment. Please see the Business Solutions Account Treasury Management Pricing Schedule for additional fees.

8 Wire transfer is for domestic web wires only.

9 Fees are governed by the Treasury Management Terms and Conditions. Fees may be offset by an earnings credit and my reduce the earnings on the account.