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business woman standing in an office with a brick wall
business woman standing in an office with a brick wall

Protecting Your Business

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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance helps to protect your business against losses and is required in many states in order to operate. By building an adequate commercial insurance strategy, you can protect yourself, your business and your employees from financial loss and lost productivity.


Types of Commercial Insurance

Most businesses have need for commercial insurance, general liability and business income coverage. These insurances help to protect property, income and assets. The right commercial insurance strategy is also determined by your industry, nature of your business and size.

Workers Compensation Insurance – required by most states, workers compensation insurance helps pay for medical expenses related to injury or illness an employee suffers from the workplace, as well as help compensate the employee for lost wages

Contractors Insurance – contractors face significant risk with their everyday work, whether excavating or conducting electrical work. Insurance for contractors can provide peace of mind for the business owner and employees

Business Interruption Insurance – designed to sustain a business during unexpected loss of income sustained as a direct result of loss, damage or destruction to insured property, business interruption insurance is key in making sure you are protected in the unexpected

Commercial Auto Insurance – protection for vehicles used for running a business is critical and often required to ensure adequate coverage if you or your employees are in an accident while on the job

Restaurant Insurance – Restaurants face a wide range of risks but the right coverage allows you to focus on your food and your customers

Commercial Business Property Insurance – if your business owns a substantial amount of physical property, including multiple locations and inventory, commercial business property insurance helps cover these assets if they are lost, damaged or destroyed during a covered event

Bonds – a bond differs from insurance in that it serves to guarantee a principal’s integrity, performance and financial responsibility, as well as compliance. Types of bonds include fidelity, court surety and commercial surety


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