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Using Vertical Cards

The digital world around us is evolving more and more into the portrait mode. Just think about how you handle your phone and smart devices. It's usually a vertical orientation. Offering our customers a personal or business credit card in a vertical design is just our way of giving you a better banking experience.

Smoother transactions. Vertical cards promote a better user experience by mimicking how you would often handle your card when you take it out of your wallet.

Ease of use. Our vertical cards mean faster transactions and shorter checkout lines - just two of the great benefits of a contactless experience you'll enjoy using our vertical card. No cash handling and no PIN entry to slow you down.

Security. Vertical cards use tap technology, referred to as a contactless card, that creates a unique one-time code for each transaction. This helps reduce fraud because the code can’t be used again and it can only be read by the card-processing network. Your name, billing address and card verification code aren’t transmitted so it never gives away personal information.

Travel convenience. Contactless technology is very common abroad, and the vertical card is perfect for making payments at vertical oriented payment terminals for cardholders who are world travelers.

Customer Support when You Need It

If you need assistance using your First Commonwealth Bank credit or debit card, contact your local community office, chat live with us here using the berry button in the lower right hand corner, or call our Engagement Center at 800.711.2265.

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