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McAneny Brothers

Tom McAneny
Tom McAneny


McAneny Brothers started when brothers Tom, Steve and Joey purchased a wholesale company from a family friend. It was a crazy idea, with one brother in high school, one in college and one just out of college. But the right partners believed in their dream and their vision, providing financing to grow from a fleet of a station wagon and van to breaking ground in 2016 on a 50,000 square foot addition to their Ebensburg, PA facility. Navigating the early years of low cash flow taught the brothers the value of managing their money to allow for growth. And we've been with them the entire time.

You look at things differently when you've grown from a small dream to an employer of more than 300 people. You're wiser with your money because you've learned how to prevent avoidable pitfalls.

McAneny Brothers has grown to become a full-service convenience and grocery store distributor, offering on-line ordering and next day delivery throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and New York.