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United Way of Delaware County

United Way of Delaware County
United Way of Delaware County

When the United Way of Delaware County needed to solidify their position and continue operations, they faced the same challenges many non-profits and organizations were facing across the country – a tough business environment and a surge in community needs.

That’s when the First Commonwealth Bank team stepped in to help get them through the process quickly and efficiently.

Instead of online portals and applications sitting in a queue on a computer somewhere, First Commonwealth took a personal approach, working through the details, communicating progress, and making sure everything was in place to get the influx of cash they needed.

I felt it was easier to have a local contact to work with, communicate with and make the whole process smoother. - Brandon Feller, President, United Way of Delaware County

If you’re looking for a local financial partner who takes a personal approach to meet your financial needs, call us at 614.238.2050 and put our team, solutions and commitment to work for you.

Learn more about how the United Way of Delaware County is improving lives.