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Connecting at First Commonwealth through Employee Resource Groups

As a part of our ongoing work to create an inclusive workplace, we are building internal networks for our employees to connect, create a sense of community, build relationships across functions and geographies, and develop leaders. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a safe space where employees are welcomed, respected, represented, can be authentic and have a voice.

Peer-led and people-focused, each ERG has a unique mission to impact their members and create lifelong connections. Through executive sponsorship, each ERG leader is provided with counsel, coaching and advocacy to ensure they are leading the group toward meeting their meaningful missions.

Unique ERGs for Our Diverse Workforce

A welcoming group of leaders who have self-identified their Black/African American heritage and are passionate about lifting up their colleagues to achieve their very best. We exist to support all Black/African American talent at First Commonwealth Bank with a safe-space Community and resources dedicated to openness and strengthening the Bank’s diverse recruiting, retention and mentoring efforts.

A resource group that wants to drive positive change for Hispanics within the organization and the communities we serve, helping all of our Hispanic employees achieve their maximum career potential. We exist to ensure each Hispanic employee has access to the resources and support necessary to thrive within First Commonwealth Bank and within the community, through mentorship, cultural appreciation, professional development and civic engagement.

An inclusive group of LGBTQ+ employees and Allies who meet on a regular basis, discuss current topics, and plan and participate in community events. We exist to be a resource for LGBTQ+ identified employees and Allies to express themselves at work and in our communities through mentorship, networking and education with their fellow employees.

The Military Opportunities, Resource & Engagement ERG is a group of employees focused on enhancing the lives of those within our military community. With a grass roots approach, our goal is to serve as a resource for one another through networking, recruiting, financial education, and Veteran-focused volunteer opportunities to enable the highest level of personal and professional growth in our First Commonwealth colleagues.

Space is a group dedicated to supporting parents and caregiving employees, focused on creating a space for meaningful connections and resources that prioritize well-being and career goals alongside family and home needs. We exist to gather single parents, parents of individuals with special needs, those caring for elderly parents, caregivers and more into our conversations to share financial support resources, foster casual caregiver load check ins, and identify ways to show up for each other on our hardest days.

Connecting with Each Other

The best times for our ERG members are when we can join together in person to volunteer together in our community, share a cup of coffee and understand how to better support each other in our careers and personal lives. 


Joining Our Team

We love to talk to members of our community who are looking for a meaningful career in banking, and who are passionate about developing a diverse workplace. Let's talk today.