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Walt and Lorraine Miles



When Walt and Lorraine Miles decided they wanted to enter retirement when Walt turned age 55, they knew there had to be a way for smart every-day people to enjoy the money they worked so hard to earn. Years ago, while working as a salaried plant manager, Walt quickly realized that it would be up to him to look out for his future retirement and under the advice of a banker friend, he started a savings relationship with First Commonwealth Bank.

As a long-time bank customer, the community office team saw an opportunity to provide more retirement planning support and introduced Walt and Lorraine to their Financial Advisor Mike. Walt and Mike hit it off right from the start and together they collaborated on a retirement plan that was based on Walt and Lorraine’s unique wishes and goals. 

Mike has done a great job for the Miles family in giving us that assurance that we do have some financial freedom in the years to come, said Walt

Walt was fully prepared to retire at age 55 but stayed on an additional two and half years at the company’s request. In 2010, at 57 years of age, Walt retired and he and Lorraine now live in confidence that they have the resources they need to live simply and comfortably with their horses on their five acres of property. They also have the freedom to be able to help their children, support their local church and enjoy Walt’s favorite past time of building classic and custom cars.

Partnering with First Commonwealth Bank and staying on course with their plan has given the Miles’ the confidence to enjoy their future and live their best life. 

I’ve been able to achieve lifelong dreams and enjoy what I’ve worked a lifetime to create. And I’ve done all that with the help of First Commonwealth Bank.

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