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Enginehouse 25 Wines

Enginehouse 25 Wines
Enginehouse 25 Wines

Along Penn Avenue, just before you reach the heart of Lawrenceville, PA, stands Engine House No. 25. What was once the home of Pittsburgh firefighters, is now the restored home of The Clemente Museum, where artifacts and memorabilia of Roberto Clemente attract baseball lovers from all over the world as they come to celebrate and absorb the life and legacy of “The Great One.”

Beneath the museum rest the wine barrels of Enginehouse 25 Wines, a tasting room and winery that provides the opportunity for enthusiasts to join a barrel club that helps support the museum and its many collections. And there’s the business that began it all, Rieder Photography, a studio on the upper floors of the firehouse creating the aesthetic that drives the winery and museum experience and captures iconic Pittsburgh personalities, sports stars and brands.

Running the three businesses are Duane and Kate Rieder, who began with photography, which then evolved into opening the museum and launching the winery. They’ve seen the growth of tourism in the area as visitors come to tour the museum, grab some good food, enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Over the years as their businesses have grown, Duane and Kate have come to rely on their partnership with First Commonwealth Bank, enjoying the support from their local teams.

Matt Stevens, the manager at our local office, has been a partner for us this entire journey. It’s the people inside the bank that we’ve been lucky to work with. We’re super busy and don’t have extra time. Matt and his team at First Commonwealth get things done and make it happen, said Duane.

By working primarily with Matt Stevens and recently with Jeff Woodward from our mortgage team to buy a new house, the Rieder’s have found the partnership they need to keep their lives and businesses moving forward. And when COVID-19 precautions began to take root in the Pittsburgh area, the Rieder’s quickly adapted their business model, offering virtual tours of their museum, virtual blind wine tastings and offering free local delivery of their wines and partnered with Lola’s Bakery to pair baked goods with their wines.

It’s been such a pleasure to work with First Commonwealth Bank. You’ve made it easy for us to do our business and have helped us to be in business. When it’s time to expand, the only way to do that will be with First Commonwealth.

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