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When Jesse Warren found the right companies to buy, he needed financing from the right bank to make it happen. Just as he had found the right partnerships in the current owners of the businesses he was looking to acquire, Huge Heating & Cooling located in Berea, Ohio and Bers Heating & Cooling in Brunswick, Ohio, he needed a bank that viewed him the same way – as a partner.

I’m an entrepreneur and a visionary. Jesse said. I need to be surrounded be people, including my banker, who I can have dialogue with and someone who will figure out how to make business happen alongside me. - Jesse Warren

Jesse was referred to our SBA Team at First Commonwealth. And from the beginning, Jesse was comfortable and confident in what our team would bring to the table.

The SBA team made the process extremely smooth, and his positivity toward my vision flowed to everyone at First Commonwealth that supported me. Everyone was proactive, understood my plan and appreciated my knowledge.

Jesse completed the purchase of Huge Heating and Bers in December of 2019, and is confident in the ability of First Commonwealth to continue to be a partner for him. Both Huge and Bers have been successful as family owned businesses, and Jesse’s family is thrilled to continue that tradition, made possible by the relationships he has with his bank.

I’m a relationship person and I think the businesses that I have owned and run and am now buying are relationship-based businesses. I believe that my bank relationships should be the same way. I want my banker to be involved in my business. First Commonwealth has invested in my success - that’s a great relationship and is what I want.


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