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Managing Your Business

Effective management of capital to grow your business.

Treasury Management Solutions & Consulting

The day-to-day of your business depends on managing your cash effectively, whether you have 2 locations or 200. Our Treasury Management services and consulting services are backed by a team of professionals who have one focus - your business. We'll help you manage receivables and disbursements, combat payments fraud, and optimize your cash flow. By equipping you with the best cash management solutions, you’ll be positioning your business for growth.

By utilizing cash management services for your company, you’ll have a transparent, in-depth view for cash flow conversations as well as access to monitor and manage your financials. You’ll also experience expedited collection of receivables and streamlined payment processing to help you maximize interest on your idle cash and mitigate fraud.

We also have a Small Business Treasury Management Package designed for businesses that have low transaction volumes but still have a need for one or more Treasury Management services. Contact us today to see if your small business qualifies.

Business Online Banking

Our Business Online Banking allows you to make decisions and manage your cash flow, thereby maintaining liquidity.

Business BillPay

With 24/7 access to your accounts, BillPay gives you a faster bill payment solution for your business so you can spend more time on growth strategies.

Cash Concentration

Centralize your company funds from multiple accounts so that you can increase your investment potential and possibly reduce your need to borrow in order to grow your business.

Cash Vault Services

Track, monitor and report all your cash activities to reduce risk with cash handling, access your funds more quickly and save time.

Electronic Data Interchange

Improve your supply chain by moving from paper processes to electronic.

Manage Disbursements

Your cash flow can be significantly impacted by your approach to how you manage cash disbursements.

Manage Receivables

Speed up your receivables processing and maximize your cash flow with lockbox services and remote deposit capture - because nothing is more valuable to your company than your time.

Manage Payment Fraud

Potential losses for your business from fraud can be substantial. We have the products to help you protect your business.

Simplify Reconcilement

Simplifying your reconcilement means giving more time back to your business and ensuring greater accuracy of your account information.

Manage Liquidity

Making the most of your cash flow includes adding services to your account like Zero Balance Account transfers and Repurchase agreements.

One Card

The One Card provides clients access to the worldwide Visa® network, ensuring cardholders are able to purchase goods and services when and where they need them.