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Solutions for Your Business

Your customers are moving quickly, and are always looking for added convenience, security and speed. The Vital Point of Sale® card reader systems available through our partnership with TSYS® provide just that experience for your customers with every transaction. By providing reliable and easy-to-use features, Vital is the merchant processing solution to help you be more efficient and run your business better, with credit card terminals, card swipers and card reader software.

Solutions and Device Options

There are three credit card reader options to choose from with TSYS: Vital Mobile®, Vital Plus® and Vital Select®. You can view a full comparison of each type at the Vital website, but here are quick highlights to help you understand the best card reader option for your business:

Vital MobileVital Mobile is a card swiper for your phone or tablet, ideal for small businesses or businesses that need to be able to accept payments away from the counter or on the road. Vital Mobile is compatible with most iOSTM and AndroidTM devices, has intuitive design and is quick to set up and quick to use. The Vital Mobile devices can be used with Bluetooth® and can accept mag-stripe or contactless payments plus is a credit card chip reader as well.

Vital Plus Vital Plus is a handheld card reader device with a 5” touch screen interface. The Vital Plus accepts swipe, chip or contactless payments and has built in Wi-Fi so you can process your payments anywhere that you’re connected to Wifi

Vital Select Vital Select is a card reader ideal for businesses with more complex in-store experiences that need greater functionality at check out and in the card reader software. It includes order-ahead features and employee assignments. Accessories available for Vital Select include Pay-at-the-Table readers, stand lone printers and hand held bar code scanners.

Benefits of Using the Vital POS Solutions

Efficiency is key, both for you and your customers. Here are a few benefits of using Vital credit card machines for every transaction at your business:

Better Inventory Management – You can get real-time data with the card reader software to help you better manage your inventory expenses and maximize your sales

Pricing and Discounts – Set up and manage price points and discounts for every product and location

Tax Information – Manage and track your taxes for account with the card reader software, including understanding how they appear at the point of sale

Customer Payments – Improve your profitability, customer satisfaction and focus on your your cash flow by accepting all major payment types

Commonly Asked Questions about Devices

How do I know which credit card swiper is best for my business? As with anything as a business owner, it’s important to work with a financial partner that understands the needs and goals of your business, both financially and strategically. We would love the opportunity to connect with you to find the best card reader system for your business.

Can I run more than one credit card reader at a time? Yep – you can have multiple devices at one location or have multiple locations using your devices, all connected to the same card reader software.

What if I’m not good with technology? No worries at all – together with your TSYS representative and the Vital specialist, you’ll have access to 24/7 live customer support as well as self-service tools. You’ll be trained on all of the ins and outs with using your card swiper for your phone or tablet plus the handheld devices.

Getting A Solution That Meets Your Needs

As soon as you’re ready for a better merchant processing solution with Vital, just reach out to a TSYS representative or contact us at 800.711.BANK (2265).

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