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What We Do

Our organization’s philosophy focuses on industry independence with a relentless pursuit of disrupting the traditional carrier and network narratives to achieve optimal outcomes, including reduced healthcare trends and total cost savings and stability. Through non-traditional approaches and the latest levels of innovation, we uncover unseen opportunities to maximize the performance and investment of your healthcare costs.


Our Client-First Approach

When navigating the Healthcare industry, the clients’ benefits should always come first. Benefit plans should be customized to each client’s needs. That means finding specific solutions that work for each company’s goals and initiatives. Providing unique perspectives that empower clients to manage and overcome their challenges in the healthcare space is essential.

Employers and employees deserve objective and unbiased perspectives. This is quite a contrast from the way most healthcare insurance advisors’ function. We are not beholden to the same pressures many other agencies face. We direct you towards choices that match your specific needs.


Data-Driven Results

Data can pinpoint inefficiencies in an enrollment system or show improvements in health outcomes. We use data to create and implement full-service plans that deliver the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from your healthcare advisor.

We find what’s working well and what needs improvement, using this feedback to bolster the former and correct the latter. The data-driven approach allows us to guide you toward reducing and stabilizing your healthcare costs.


Eliminate Healthcare Inefficiency

Good healthcare shouldn’t be hard to find. We find innovative ways to combat inefficiencies and make the system better for everyone.

Using our proprietary Analysis 360 model, we dig into your current healthcare plan to uncover areas of overspending and inefficiencies. Inefficiency takes many forms, and it is critically important to resolve those issues. No aspect of the workplace should go overlooked, including communication, technology, expense management, compliance, and insurance.


Improved Healthcare Outcomes

A better healthcare system is a win-win for everyone. It is critically important that your employees receive superior care at an affordable rate. Industry independence, innovative solutions, and enhanced levels of cost control are essential to improve healthcare outcomes.

For example, we reduced a dry bulk transportation company employer’s healthcare cost. We developed a multi-year strategy including direct claims access to measure usage and costs, reducing employee contributions and deductibles. We provide claims control that traditional carriers otherwise would not offer.


Scalable Healthcare Consulting

Receiving healthcare consulting that fits your needs is critical when optimizing your business. Whether your company has ten employees or ten thousand, we help companies and organizations in our communities create cost savings and efficient healthcare plans, regardless of their size.

Our firm includes a small business unit that focuses on organizations with 50 employees or less, a mid-market segment for clients with 51-500 employees, and a large market group concentrated on organizations with 501-20,000 employees. Each of our clients is assigned a specialized team with experience and expertise within each respective market.


Understandable Benefits Arrangements

You’re not alone if you’ve felt mystified looking at benefits plans. Understanding where to find the best service for the best price often seems unclear to the untrained eye. Clarity is essential when traveling through the intimidating journey of healthcare. It is crucial that companies have multiple resources to educate employees on their benefit arrangements.

Everyone from corporate executives to entry-level staff deserves the ability to understand and utilize the benefits of their healthcare plan. A clear picture of benefits arrangements makes it easier for leaders to provide their employees with the best healthcare coverage and the lowest costs attainable.