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Our goal is simple: drive down your company’s healthcare costs while maximizing every vendor’s financial investment and value within your health and benefits program. Using non-traditional approaches, we uncover opportunities to enhance the performance of your benefits plans and improve the employee experience.


Education and Communication

We bolster the group healthcare options and results for your company and their communities. Quality healthcare dramatically increases life expectancy and improves the overall quality of life. Achieving these superior outcomes requires education and communication.

We connect you and your employees with the right resources to achieve easy-to-understand healthcare communication. Integrating today’s most efficient communication platforms in tandem with call center and face-to-face enrollment support to foster unparalleled employee education is essential when navigating healthcare systems.

We utilize several tactics to advance client education on healthcare, including:

  • Clearing up misconceptions or misinformation
  • Delegating more responsibility to our support staff
  • Using layman’s terms to describe healthcare processes and plans
  • Utilizing visual aids whenever possible to aid decision making
  • Providing a forum for questions and answers
  • Checking that clients fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of situations
  • Benefits plans take a lot of time and effort, and we don’t want that to go to waste due to poor communication or education. We work with your company to host one-on-one enrollment meetings and distribute compensation statements to communicate the healthcare plan's importance. It is essential that your employees not only engage with the material but fully understand it as well.
  • We consider the channel, context, and each unique learning style when discussing healthcare options with you and your employees. The last thing we'll do is hand you a stack of papers and assume that you’re going to read and digest it in full.


Understanding Data for Expense Management

Vendors can fill an office with paper containing data, but if you don’t understand what it’s showing and how to utilize it, then the data is meaningless.

The proper infrastructure covers all aspects of healthcare data delivered to you in the clearest way. Technological solutions enable real-time analysis of cash flow, budget rates, and project claims. Easy-to-understand data can help business quantify their performance and quality of existing outcomes against key performance metrics. The results can lead to higher quality patient care, lower healthcare costs, and the most effective preventative measures.

We use data and informatics to personalize healthcare to you. It is crucial that you are at the center of the healthcare spectrum and understand every action plan to determine the optimal results.


Cost Savings Through Network Navigation

The healthcare system is not as simple as choosing a hospital and staying with that provider. Your healthcare advisors should help eliminate any costly confusion by providing you with straightforward network navigation.

We work from the ground level to inform and educate individuals about the facilities that deliver the best quality outcome at the lowest possible cost. Helping employees understand all their benefits have to offer allows us to address any unnecessarily high healthcare costs while providing more timely results.

Network navigation allows your company to optimize costs for standard procedures, prescription drugs, and out-of-pocket expenses. Individualized approaches will enable you to save thousands of dollars per year to put towards new technology, staff, or inventory.

Understanding where to get the best help for lowest cost doesn’t just save you money. It makes your employees healthier, too. Companies that use personalized network navigation, on average, direct their employees to higher-quality facilities at an overall lower cost.


Improved Internal Efficiency

Human resource departments across the country are taking on increased workloads because technological advances have made it possible to get more out of healthcare benefits for less.

We start with an audit to see how technology might improve your workplace. Putting the right tools in the hands of your skilled employees can increase efficiency overnight. Some popular solutions include online enrollment options and Affordable Care Act reporting.

We also evaluate and compare programs to ensure that they fit your needs as well. Strategic reviews can pinpoint inefficiencies in enrollment, network navigation, and cash flow. Taking the time to evaluate these systems allows us to resolve existing inefficiencies and transform your human resources department into the best version of itself.

You have a vision when it comes to healthcare at your company. We understand what it takes to conquer the most daunting healthcare challenges.


Case Study and Testimonials

The best way to tell our story is in proven results. Case studies make it happen.

Dry-Bulk Transportation Company

"First Commonwealth has been our healthcare broker for quite a few years now. My dedicated partner is Melinda Zavolta and I have nothing but good things to say about her. My biggest compliment is her responsiveness. Sometimes it feels like she responds before I even hit the send button on my email! I truly feel like a team with her. I know she has my back and she is in full support of us. She goes above and beyond to not only make me happy, but my employees happy as well. Healthcare isn’t a fun thing to deal with but she makes the questions, issues and transitions feel easy. I’m not sure what I would do without her." ~ Elizabeth Ferrell, HR Manager, W.N. Tuscano Agency, Inc.

"Michael and his team at First Commonwealth Insurance Agency provided a comprehensive analysis of our existing health care plan and projections of what our plan could look like,” said Frank Greco, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources. “This was the insight we needed to make the right decision about insuring our employees."

"I am writing to express my appreciation for the service I receive from Samantha Nelson and First Commonwealth Insurance Agency. Ms. Nelson is the embodiment of Client Advocate. When I have questions or need additional information regarding any detail of our company's benefits and insurance policies, Ms. Nelson is timely and responsive. She makes my job of handling coverage for our 30 employees easy and seamless. Whether I have questions regarding the bill or I need to add or remove coverage for one of our employees, Ms. Nelson is personable and handles any issue expediently. I highly recommend her and the team at First Commonwealth Insurance Agency." ~ Catherine Brosky, Controller, T3 Global Strategies


"I started my employment with Gibson-Thomas Engineering in 2016. I was new to the benefits administration position and of course also the Gibson-Thomas insurance plans. There were times, and still are, that I have kept Melinda busy with questions, from either myself or employees that required more than one or two phone calls or emails. Melinda always responds and keeps me in the loop during any inquiries she makes to the insurance carriers on our employees’ behalf. She has been able to use her relationships with the insurance carriers to provide answers regarding coverage or billing questions that need a more in-depth review.

Each year at plan renewal, Melinda along with Mike Krall, meet with the Management of Gibson-Thomas to provide insight and answer questions on plans that have been quoted for the Company. Also at plan renewal, Melinda provides plan documents to assist in compliance documentation distribution.

Anytime I need to send a question over to Melinda, I am confident the question will be answered and any problem resolved.

Having Melinda as a resource has been a huge help for me in assisting Gibson-Thomas employees." ~ Beth Alesi, Gibson-Thomas Engineering