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Cost Control

Healthcare and benefits represent the second largest expense for most companies. Yet, few corporate executives understand the actual effectiveness of their healthcare plan. In many cases, they invest in programs, vendors, and networks without knowing whether they work within the best interest of their employees or if their company is receiving a quality return on its investment.

Healthcare and benefits are complex, and employers should have greater levels of control regarding the plan performance, relative cost, and the very components that deliver such metrics for proper evaluation. At First Commonwealth Insurance Agency, we provide companies large and small with industry independence, helping them achieve optimal outcomes including, reduced healthcare trends and total cost savings and stability.


Our Client-First Approach

Rising costs and reform are two of the most significant pressures facing the healthcare system today. Navigating these obstacles requires the right strategy. Your company or organization needs customized healthcare strategies that put you in control.

Before we dive into the data or make sweeping changes, we listen to you. We take the time to sit down and understand your company and where you’re going. The best healthcare strategies are ones that support your capabilities, enabling you to remain as nimble and productive as ever.

Since opening our doors, we have made it a priority to put the client above all else. We understand what it takes to create successful integrated solutions that function with today’s healthcare space because we don’t settle for traditional delivery models. We do not participate with traditional affiliations or working groups, which promotes our ability to truly deliver unbridled solutions that are never beholden to any carrier, vendor, or other organization.

Our advisors bring unmatched knowledge and experience to the table, having worked with organizations of varying sizes across the healthcare spectrum. We have deep insights into this highly saturated industry that will make a difference in your bottom line. Your company deserves solutions and recommendations that are always in your best interest.


Utilizing Data

“What are you basing that decision upon?”

Clearly understood data-driven insights are the most effective way to address the performance of a company’s health program.

Most of the reporting mechanisms of today’s healthcare vendors create confusion, a self-supported narrative, and limited improvements in plan results. Our team provides consistent data sets that empower you to make informed decisions on the structure of your benefit plans. These data-rich decisions allow your business to correlate a benefits strategy within the scope of your company’s strategic plan.

It is crucial that your healthcare process is fluid, and surrounded by a customized operating plan, to continuously update and reexamine performance data to ensure that you understand and receive solutions resulting in a maximum return on investment.


Working Against the Industry Norms

There are a plethora of elements in today’s healthcare system, and you probably don’t have anyone on inside is giving you unbiased insight into the industry. Think critically about wholesalers, network carriers, and pharmacy benefit managers(PBMs). These third-party entities often siphon money that could go toward supporting your employees and the community.

Take the example of a PBM. They work as a go-between for the insurance company and drug manufacturer and determine if the plan will cover a drug's cost and how much. The problem is that many PBMs receive a “rebate” from the manufacturer every time their drug gets into an insurance plan.

The PBMs’ commission-based model creates incentives for them to recommend products that aren’t in clients’ best interest. As a result, your employees may not receive the proper care or outcomes that benefit them the most.

Independent advocacy is vital while working against an industry that is self-serving and focused on its interests and profits. We are not beholden to anyone in the healthcare space. Instead, we provide unbiased information that you need to control your healthcare situation.


Protecting Your Business

Healthcare and benefits can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Utilizing actionable strategies and easy-to-understand advice is critical when it comes to protecting your business. No detail is too small to consider, whether optimizing communication, technology, or healthcare compliance.

Employers need insights and clarity to protect their business. Every decision we recommend to our clients is always a recommendation that is in their best interest. Industry independence provides clients with the most competitive cost and the best outcomes.