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Young African American Man Smiling In Office
Young African American Man Smiling In Office

Risk Management for Small Businesses

Our unique delivery of risk management services to small businesses means the difference between a strategy and a comprehensive strategy. We partner with the top carriers in the country, but our goal is to always help our customers uncover new opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies. We customize a strategy using the traditional tools of risk management but tailored just for your business.

Additional Services

  • Workers’ Compensation - most states require small businesses to have workers' compensation for your employee. This coverage provides benefits to employees for work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • General Liability Insurance - third party coverage that helps protect your small business from the costs of property damage, bodily injury, personal and advertising injury. Read our article on why small business liability insurance is important.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance - helps your small business cover the costs resulting from an auto accident if you or an employee is found at fault.
  • Property Insurance - provides protection for your small business properties in the event of natural disasters, fire and flooding. Learn more about the two most common types of small business property insurance.

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To contact our Risk Management team, call 877-367-3242 or email us at FCIA@fcbanking.com