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Navigating the Healthcare Industry

If you find health insurance confusing, you’re not alone. The industry contains an endless amount of jargon as well as confounding numbers of plans and providers. One of the most challenging things for employers to communicate to their employees is where to maximize their benefits for the lowest cost.

Utilizing a navigable group healthcare program to avoid traditional bumps and detours is the leading strategy in understanding your healthcare plan. Your healthcare advisors should offer network navigation strategies that you can use to ensure clarity and cost savings for your employees.





Providing Network Navigation 

Utilizing network navigation that directs employees toward healthcare facilities that provide them with the best care for the lowest cost is essential for employers. Giving clear instructions and a steady guiding hand makes all the difference in a company’s bottom line. Network navigation is one of the easiest ways to reduce high healthcare costs. We consider the existing networks and their services to ensure that employees can access effective and convenient healthcare.


Reducing Healthcare Costs with Network Navigation 

Proper navigation to healthcare providers can save companies thousands of dollars per year on healthcare costs. Network navigation also minimizes hassle when negotiating procedures, prescription drugs, and other out-of-pocket expenses. It creates an efficient and transparent system where everyone is on the same page.  

Network navigation doesn’t just reduce and stabilize healthcare costs. It also improves health outcomes for employees. Companies that utilize network navigation in their healthcare plan help guide employees to hospitals and clinics that deliver superior care at an exceptional cost.

Let’s say that one of your employees tears their MCL during a game of touch football. Your employee knows they need surgery and need it fast. Instead of having your employee ask a friend or family member for recommendations, network navigation can easily guide them to the best facility offered.


Navigating You to a Better Place 

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of education when it comes to healthcare. It is vital that advisors inform members of their options and how they can benefit from each one. We work side-by-side with members to ensure that they receive the solutions that fit their needs and budget.

You deserve a centralized source for network navigation. Your healthcare advisor must have the ability to pull together all the solutions you need in one place, saving you time and money in the process. Discover the difference First Commonwealth can make as we provide a helping hand at every step of your healthcare journey.