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Do Not Call List Policy

First Commonwealth is committed to honoring the requests of its current and prospective customers.  In support of this commitment, and pursuant to federal law, First Commonwealth has adopted the following policy.

To ensure that First Commonwealth does not call current and prospective customers who have requested not to receive First Commonwealth offers by telephone, First Commonwealth has developed a do-not-call list for consumers.

Consumers may request by telephone, U.S. mail or electronic mail, or visiting a community office that we stop calling them and place their name on a do-not-call list. If the consumer moves, changes his/her telephone number, or adds an additional number, the consumer must provide us with the new telephone number in order for us to prevent calls to that number.

An individual’s do-not-call request is processed within a reasonable time of the request. As solicitations may already be in progress at the time of an individual’s request, it could take up to 30 days before phone numbers are cleared through all channels and completely removed from solicitation programs.

The do-not-call records are maintained for at least five years.

The First Commonwealth do-not-call list is used exclusively for phone solicitation suppression and compliance purposes.  To ensure that all First Commonwealth employees are trained in the existence and use of the internal do-not-call list and consistently adhere to this policy, First Commonwealth conducts periodic employee training and audits.

A copy of this policy may be provided to a consumer upon his or her request.


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