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We focus on industry independence with a relentless pursuit of disrupting the traditional carrier and network narratives to achieve optimal outcomes, including reduced healthcare trends and total cost savings and stability.

Serving the interests of particular insurance carriers shouldn’t be the driving force behind your healthcare plan. Instead, the consumers’ interests should be at the forefront.

We have an unbiased perspective to deliver the maximum value to you and your employees. We are not tied to the inherent conflict of interest from the commission system that plagues the insurance industry.

We all know that self-feeding ecosystem:

  • the brokers serve the carriers
  • the vendors work with the carriers
  • everyone is in cahoots financially as they take money from each other

But not at First Commonwealth. We operate independently



Objectivity is essential when it comes to insurance. Employers need an advisor that they can trust to find coverage that will serve their needs. However, what prevents brokers from serving their interests before those of their clients?

Insurance advisors and brokers often have conflicts of interest. The quality of their advice will vary depending on the nature of the assignment. For instance, one advisor might be wary of other advisors’ insurance requirements in a healthcare contract. Many employers believe that their advisors should procure insurance, and that's it. There should be no room for fee-based consulting services. Removing traditional conflicts of interest among industry vendors and carriers enables us to deliver solutions and recommendations that align with your culture and organizational goals.


Unbiased Consulting  

Healthcare advisors must consider every measurement and data point before giving their perspective on a situation. While some advisors only identify insurable risks, we take a holistic approach and assess risks that are not easy to identify or control.

Our primary differentiator is our commitment to exist independently from the insurance and benefits industry. Insurance carriers and vendors have fostered a significant misalignment by influencing brokers and advisors to accept commissions, incentives, and overrides which costs are ultimately passed onto the client. This approach inappropriately inflates costs and undoubtedly influences a less than agnostic delivery of solutions.