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Asset-Based Lending

Some businesses have seasonal or cyclical sales, rapid sales growth, or are engaged in acquisitions or leveraged buy-outs. Our asset-based loans and lines allow companies that are healthy, yet highly leveraged and undercapitalized, to tap into funds already tied up in company assets - funds that can be used to achieve great growth and profitability.

Common Uses of Asset-Based Loans or Lines

• Acquisition of a competitor or other business for expansion
• Owner buyouts
• Businesses with a cyclical or seasonal sales cycle
• Product expansion
• Companies that are expanding rapidly
• Certain specialized businesses like private equity firms or insurance companies

Features and Benefits of Asset-Based Loans or Lines

• Borrow against receivables, inventory, equipment or property
• The percentage of asset value that can be borrowed against is dependent on the type of collateral
• Retain control and ownership of assets along with all credit and collection procedures
• Maintain direct contact with customers - so there is no need to notify them of financing arrangements
• Utilize a simple, yet well-defined reporting system that provides a running balance of receivables on a periodic basis 

Getting Started

Asset-based lending is just one of the many solutions we can provide for your business. We can help you determine how to structure your financing in a way that makes the most sense for your business needs, whether it’s a line of credit or a loan, or some combination thereof. Whatever your strategic direction and goals may be, you can be confident we’ll help you find the financing solutions that best meet your company’s needs. Connect with us to get started.

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