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Business Credit Card Line of Credit and Company Card

Business Card Line of Credit 

Our Business Card Line of Credit will help you overcome cash flow limitations by providing convenient access to cash 24 hours a day. Whether you’re faced with an unexpected and urgent business need, a special investment opportunity, or a temporary cash shortfall, the money will be there when you need it.

Features & Benefits:

  • Receive a set Credit Limit $5,000 to $50,000
  • Monitor and review your account activity with itemized monthly statements
  • Pay no interest charges on new purchases made with your card if paid by the payment due date
  • Pay in full at any time with no penalty
  • Utilize available credit that is renewed as payments are made to the account
  • Chip card security
  • Enjoy online security with Mastercard® SecureCode®
  • Benefits from Mastercard®


Once you've decided how much or how little you need, simply use your Mastercard® or Line of Credit checks to access your account. An optional card PIN can be provided upon request if you need ATM access to your funds.

Company Card

Managing your expenses conveniently is possible with our company card solutions. Enjoy the convenience of making payments for business expenses such as meals, travel and customer entertainment in a controlled environment.

Features & Benefits:

    • Control which employees get company cards
    • Add or delete cards and change limits as needed
    • Earn 1% rewards on everyday purchases
    • Receive a check once a quarter for the total rewards earned on all of your cards1
    • Chip card security
    • Added online security with Mastercard® SecureCode®


1 At the end of each Cardholder’s billing period, Rewards are calculated by multiplying the total amount of purchases by 1%.  Rewards will not be earned for cash advances.  The rewards will be issued via check at the end of each calendar quarter in $50 increments.  There is no limit to the amount of Rewards that can be earned each year.  Rewards will not be earned if a Cardholder is two or more statement cycles past due.  If a Cardholder account is closed during the quarter, the 1% Rewards will be credited to the company as long as the company account is active as of the end of the quarter.  Rewards will be forfeited if the Company closes its account before the Rewards are credited.  Rewards, not credited, will expire 3 years after being earned.