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Business Card Line of Credit


Our Business Card Line of Credit will help you overcome cash flow limitations by providing convenient access to cash 24 hours a day. Whether you’re faced with an unexpected and urgent business need or a special investment opportunity, or a temporary cash shortfall, the money will be there when you need it.

What Is a Business Card Line of Credit?

Our Business Card Line of Credit lets business owners make purchases exactly when they need to. We make it simple for companies of all sizes to get lines of credit for the expected and unforeseen expenses they encounter. Rather than delay purchasing supplies or paying for the services you need for success, you can use your secured business lines of credit to scale your growth.

We offer Business Card Lines of Credit to those operating in all industries. Whether you're in construction, own a retail space or complete contracting work, we're here to help. A Business Card Line of Credit offers a larger sum of money you can pull from compared to a traditional credit card.

Features & Benefits of Business Card Lines of Credit

Once you've decided how much or how little you need, simply use your Mastercard® or line of credit checks to access your account. An optional card PIN can be provided upon request if you need ATM access to your funds.

Common Uses for Secured Business Card Lines of Credit

With our help, you can borrow up to $50,000 to get your business off the ground. We see those in our community use secured Business Card Lines of Credit for everything from purchasing specialty equipment for employees to repairing company vehicles.

Typically, Business Card Lines of Credit are suited toward expenses you'd pay back over time because it is a line of credit with card access. Since you can pull from a larger sum of funds, you can acquire the tools or services you need for your business on a timeline that makes sense for you. One of our bankers will listen to your plans for growing your company to see if a line of credit or a traditional credit card is better for your business.

Getting Started With Our Business Card Line of Credit

Our team is ready to assist with opening a Business Card Line of Credit. It only takes a few moments to apply with us, regardless of whether you've had a lines of credit before or you're new to the process. We aim to improve your business' efficiency and financial well-being, so you'll be glad to know we have convenient locations throughout western and central Pennsylvania and Ohio.

You can visit during our business hours, or someone from our team will gladly take your call if you'd like to hear further details about what we can do for you. Note that our secured Business Card Lines of Credit require you to provide a form of collateral. We'll speak to you about business assets like commercial real estate properties, equipment or inventory items to secure funds.

Why Partner With Us for Business Card Lines of Credit?

Our team is passionate about creating new financial opportunities for your local business. We stand out in Pennsylvania and Ohio because we get to know our customers on a first-name basis. Our bankers will inquire more about your business, mission and goals to help you decide on the right approach to getting the money you need to streamline operations.

Contact Us to Set Up a Business Line of Credit Today

Interested in learning more about your options for secured business lines of credit? Visit our contact page to set up an in-person appointment or to reach out to us online.