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  COVID-19 Updates including updates on the next round of stimulus payments: Learn more.

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Taking Care of Your Confidence

We're here to help you each day so you can navigate your financial life with confidence. 

Making the Most of Your Stimulus Payment

Last Updated March 11, 2021

The President has signed the American Rescue Plan into law, which includes stimulus payments to qualifying individuals. As we understand it, banks could receive information for processing direct deposits as early as Friday, March 12, 2021. We will update this page with more information as it becomes available. 

We know that every situation is unique and so here are a few thoughts to consider as you decide how to use your payments to take care of yourself, your family and your community. We'd love to connect with you on the phone to talk through your options - schedule an appointment online to meet with us in person.

Checking for Your Direct Deposit:

Make sure that you know your username and password for Online and Mobile Banking. If you are receiving your payment via direct deposit, Online and Mobile Banking will allow you to check your accounts 24/7 to know when your payment has been received. Log in or reset your password.

Protect Your Stimulus Payment from Fraud:

Fraudsters would like to get their hands on your money, so review these fraud resources we've compiled for you. 

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Take Care of Immediate Needs

If this year has meant changes in your income, think about using your stimulus payment to fill in some of those gaps and take care of any financial emergencies. Money Manager in Online Banking will show you patterns in your spending and help you identify exactly where your money has been going and any gaps that you need to fill. Explore Money Manager.

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Save for Emergencies

Consider tucking away even a portion of your stimulus payment in case of emergencies in the near future. If you don't yet have a savings account, you can open one from your laptop or smartphone. If you live in Pennsylvania, the Fund My Future program provides a chance to win monthly prizes deposited back into your account. View Savings Account Options

Love Our Locals

Support a Small Business

Our small businesses have made many sacrifices throughout COVID-19.  Brainstorm ways you can use a part of your stimulus payment to support small businesses, like buying pizzas for healthcare workers or ordering take-out from your favorite restaurant.

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Consider Making a Gift

If your income has remained stable throughout this unique time, consider making a gift to your favorite non-profit organization providing critical support like access to food or organizations helping families pay their heating bills like the Dollar Energy Fund.

Start Planning

We're Here to Help

It's a privilege to be your financial partner through this unique time, and we're here to help. If you need financial flexibility, especially with items like making loan payments, let's talk. We have programs in place to help alleviate financial stress. Learn more.