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School District's Remarkable Journey to Enhanced Benefits and Financial Savings

Published April 22, 2024


Since taking over the BOR in June 2023, Brian Thompson, Kelli Travis, and our Benefits Consulting team has been able to unfold a remarkable transformation to this school district’s benefit plan and financial outlook. Initially faced with a $3000/$6000 high deductible plan that fell short in attracting top talent due to its perceived inadequacy, our team worked closely with our partners to restructure their benefit plan in January this year. The result? A significantly improved plan with a lowered deductible to $1700/$3400 and no coinsurance for employees.

While operating as part of a consortium, an annual comparison of all schools in the county was conducted, providing invaluable insights. The 2024 comparison revealed our client’s outstanding progress, with significant improvements in various rankings. Notably, they went from having one of the highest maximum out-of-pocket spends for employees in 2023 to being the second lowest in 2024.

One of the primary focuses of the collaboration has been on tracking high-dollar claims to ensure efficient utilization of benefits. Through meticulous monitoring, we identified opportunities to transition members to lower-cost drugs, often eligible for manufacturer or patient assistance programs, thus reducing overall spending for the school district employees.

This school district’s journey serves as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and proactive management in achieving significant improvements in benefits offerings and financial sustainability.