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Going Above and Beyond: A Tale of Swift Service and Client Satisfaction

Published April 22, 2024

In the middle of a hectic day, an unexpected call from a client’s HR team brought forth a challenge that demanded immediate attention. The client contacted our team, urgently relaying a concerning issue involving an employee's spouse and their health coverage.

The employee had recently added their spouse under a qualifying event, anticipating a crucial prenatal appointment scheduled for the following day. However, upon inquiry with carrier, the spouse's addition to the plan was not reflected, leaving the employee frantic for a solution.

Shanna, our Employee Support Representative, jumped in to swiftly help to resolve the situation. Despite the unexpected roadblock of missing spousal information, Shanna wasted no time in forming a solution.

Resourcefully navigating through records, Shanna located the employee's contact information and promptly reached out, gathering all necessary details to rectify the oversight. With newfound information, she was able to then ensure the spouse was added to the plan without delay.

In a testament to her efficiency and dedication, Shanna ensured the spouse's addition was confirmed and communicated promptly to both the employee and our client. Furthermore, recognizing the urgency of the situation, she coordinated with the carrier to expedite the process, ensuring the spouse's inclusion in the provider's system ahead of the crucial appointment.

The swift resolution and exceptional service provided by Shanna not only alleviated the concerns of the employee and our client, but also underscored the unwavering commitment of the team to deliver prompt and effective solutions. As the issue was swiftly resolved, it serves as a shining example of proactive problem-solving and dedication to client satisfaction.