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Wholesaler Sees Dramatic Savings Through Employee Benefit Review

Published April 22, 2024

When our wholesale prospect, who we met through an introduction by partner Kevin Culp, reached out for a benefits review, little did they know it would lead to substantial savings and newfound financial stability. The client, previously operating within an ACA platform without any marketing efforts, was spending approximately $100,000 annually on premiums.

Brian and our Benefits Consulting team wasted no time in actioning a comprehensive review of their benefits landscape. Upon examination, he identified areas for improvement, swiftly updating their FormFire platform, while marketing their account.

The results were nothing short of astounding. Through Brian’s efforts, the client's annual premium was slashed in half, dropping from $100,000 to a mere $50,000. The impact was immediate and significant, leaving the owners thrilled with the prospect of substantial savings.

In fact, the owners were so pleased with the outcome that they expressed their intention to refer our services to others. Moreover, they highlighted how the savings generated would not only bolster their bottom line but also propel them into a financially secure position.

Brian's dedication to his client's success, coupled with his expertise in benefit optimization, has not only transformed their financial outlook but also solidified a lasting partnership built on trust and results. This success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of proactive benefits management and strategic consultation.