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Streamlining Insurance Solutions for Small Business Success

Published March 18, 2024

In the realm of insurance, the importance of tailored coverage cannot be overstated. Recently, Chris Snyder had the privilege of assisting a company in dire need of comprehensive insurance solutions to support their operations effectively. This company, whose primary requirement was to secure a robust Inland Marine policy, approached our team seeking guidance and support.

Upon delving into their insurance portfolio, we discovered a concerning pattern. The company had previously held a standard Inland Marine policy, but it was terminated due to a loss, rendering the Inland Marine aspect unprofitable. As part of our comprehensive review process, we meticulously examined not only their Inland Marine needs but also evaluated their Package and Auto policies, along with any contractual insurance requirements.

What we found out was that despite their investment in insurance, their existing policy offered minimal coverage relating to their actual operations, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to significant risks.

Armed with this critical insight, we engaged in a candid conversation with the client, emphasizing the inadequacy of their current coverage and the urgent need for a comprehensive solution. With their full understanding of the situation, the client made the decision to entrust us with their entire insurance portfolio, effective immediately.

Through our dedicated efforts and strategic collaboration, we swiftly secured quotes for all their insurance needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage that aligned perfectly with their operational requirements. By consolidating their coverage with a single carrier, we not only increased their coverage significantly but also managed to reduce their premium by a remarkable 60%.