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Enhancing Small Business Insurance: Successful Partnerships and Compliance Achievements with My Benefits Advisors

Published August 15, 2023 

Working with My Benefits Advisors (MBA) to help our small business clients secure necessary employee benefits expertise and coverage has proven to be a very beneficial partnership. Recently MBA, with the assistance of Commercial Lines Account Manager Ann Marie Yuschick, demonstrated its positive impact to two of our clients. A NY based window testing startup company received assistance from MBA in securing the necessary statutory coverages required by the New York State Workers' Compensation regulations. MBA efficiently handled this matter, ensuring the company's compliance with the state and providing them with peace of mind.

A Pennsylvania lawn service company also received a proactive reach out from MBA to offer their services and benefits advice. Thanks to the outreach, our client will be placing prescription and other various benefits coverages through the provider. The efforts through our account management staff to organize the communication, as well as our partnership with MBA to provide much needed benefits coverages to our small commercial clients showcases the holistic insurance approach our agency strives for.