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Small Commercial Lines Delivers Expert Insurance Solutions for Industrial Warehouse, Securing Future Relationship Business

Published August 15, 2023 

Alex Tomko, a corporate banker at the Cleveland Business Center introduced Kristen Sanders to his client facing an urgent need to secure insurance for a substantial 30,620 square foot industrial warehouse. Although the client already had a quote from an existing relationship with their current broker, they agreed to receive a comparison from us.

After reviewing the existing quote, Kristen offered a comprehensive coverage comparison that highlighted the distinctions in coverage limits and premiums, using a precise replacement cost valuation sourced from the carrier. This transparent conversation showcased Kristen’s expertise and provided the confidence the client needed to move forward with our more competitive quote, resulting in a substantial revenue win for the agency.

Since then, the owner’s satisfaction with our service has been evident as he reached out regarding a fresh opportunity, cementing our successful partnership in navigating insurance solutions for his business.