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Personal Lines: FCB Colleague Tribute to Excellence in Insurance Care

Published January 8, 2024

In the journey of navigating auto and home insurance since purchasing my house last May, Natalie has been nothing short of exceptional. She played a pivotal role in securing the right insurance coverage, overcoming challenges along the way.

The initial insurance company hesitated due to fuel tanks, and the subsequent one posed a threat of cancellation due to a missed home inspection. Despite the hurdles, Natalie's expertise and diligence prevailed, resulting in the successful reinstatement of the insurance yesterday.

Beyond her professional prowess, Natalie demonstrated a genuine commitment to her clients. She goes above and beyond, owning the process and ensuring smooth navigation through potential roadblocks. Her proactive approach even extends to anticipating future needs, as she is already mindful of potential business insurance requirements for my growing business in the coming year.

Natalie's professionalism, friendship, and exemplary collaboration make her an invaluable ally. Her dedication to finding solutions, exploring options, and treating every client with care are qualities that stand out. In essence, Natalie is simply awesome, and I have every confidence that she treats everyone with the same level of commitment and excellence.