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Empowering with Insight: A Journey of Personalized Insurance Advice

Published February 20, 2024

In the world of insurance, sometimes the most impactful stories unfold within our own circles. Brenda Reed, mother-in-law to Briana Reed, is a great example of an insured who had been loyal to her insurance broker for over 30 years, but also did not have the proper coverage.

Brenda had been paying a hefty $1900 for a 6-month auto policy, a significant sum that had accumulated over the years. Recognizing the potential for improvement, Briana decided to take a closer look at her insurance portfolio. What she discovered was not only an opportunity to save her a substantial amount on her auto coverage but also an uncovered aspect of her life for the past 15 years – her status as a renter without insurance.

With careful consideration and a commitment to providing comprehensive coverage, Briana not only secured Brenda a more affordable auto policy but also introduced a renter’s policy for the first time in her 15 years as a tenant. The peace of mind that comes with knowing she is properly covered is immeasurable.

Beyond the financial savings, this story is a testament to the importance of periodic insurance reviews. Brenda's case highlights that even long-term policyholders may be missing out on opportunities for better coverage and savings. It's a reminder that insurance needs evolve, and periodic assessments can lead to a more secure and cost-effective future.