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Elevating Proactive Risk Management in Cable Installation Industry

Published February 20, 2024

From a past introduction from Scott Vidovich, James Thompson and our Risk Management team were able to help a local cable installation business take a step into proactive risk management. With a fleet of 50+ vehicles, three entities, and a commitment to veteran employment, the business faced historical challenges with frequent claims in the form of auto accidents, injured workers, and third-party property damage.

The collaboration with James and our team marked a turning point, shifting from reactive to proactive risk management. A strategic risk assessment identified potential pitfalls, leading to the implementation of tailored safety protocols, quality controls, and clear policies. The emphasis was on preventing issues rather than addressing them after the fact.

Investing in employee education and training, they empowered their team with knowledge on workplace safety, emergency response, and more. Continuous monitoring and improvement is now the norm, ensuring the risk management strategy continues to evolve with changing circumstances.

The results were transformative. The company not only reduced claims but set a new standard for proactive risk management in cable installation. This business owner’s choice to embrace a forward-thinking approach can now turn potential challenges into opportunities for success.