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Building Success: A Concrete Contractor's Insurance Transformation

Published February 20, 2024

In a recent success story, a fantastic opportunity emerged from the collaboration between partner Eva Jovanovic and Risk Management advisor, Ben Scherf, bringing positive changes for this well-established concrete contractor.

The contractor, specializing in finished flat work, has been serving private clients in the Pittsburgh area since its establishment in 2014. With an average job size of $20,000 and a consistent growth rate of 18% over the past four years, the business holds a reputable position in the industry, poised for sustained growth in 2024.

Despite spending slightly more than his expiring policy, the business owner expressed gratitude for Ben’s ability to provide an improved underwriting narrative. This not only ensures long-term cost control but also aligns with his desire for a clearer understanding of insurance costs year-over-year. Ultimately he appreciates the proactive approach taken by our agency to prevent unexpected costs after an audit.