Alvin just wants to finish college without a ton of debt and become an entrepreneur, which means having a grip on his money and understanding the best ways to manage it. There are plenty of tools to help and they're available from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Manage Everyday Banking

If you're like most people, you probably rely on your debit card to get you through the day. Downloads from your app store, dinner out and grabbing cash at the ATM all mean changes to your checking account balance. So it's important to stay on top of your transactions using Online or Mobile banking so you don't overdraw. Enroll me in Online Banking. Get the mobile app.

Don't Spend what You Don't Have

Setting up a budget may sound archaic, but it's a simple way to be smart with your spending. Whether your income is from a part-time job at a pizza place while you put yourself through college, or you're a few years into your career, being intentional in your spending and saving will pay off enormously when you're ready to make those first big purchases. Equip me with the MyFinance tool.

Save with Intention

Life gets expensive - having a down payment for a house, buying a car, unexpected medical bills - it all happens. So whether it's planned spending or something that you weren't expecting, be confident that you've saved with a purpose. Building the mindset is simple - just pay yourself first. With every pay check, transfer even a small amount directly into savings. Get a checking account with automatic savings account.

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

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