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Flooring Solutions

Flooring Solutions
Flooring Solutions

When Brian Lamkin started a company in 2002 at the dining room table in his apartment, he may not have been able to imagine growing to a $34 million company. There was a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace, but Brian felt if there ever was a time to start a business, it was then. For almost three years, Brian didn’t give himself a paycheck from the company. But with the right business partnerships, Brian has grown Flooring Solutions, Inc. based out of Austin, Texas, into a $34 million company with more than 35 employees.

One of the relationships that has propelled his business forward is with the Small Business Administration division at First Commonwealth Bank, who met with Brian to understand his vision for his company and the obstacles that were preventing him financially from getting there.

The SBA team was very knowledgeable and understanding of where the business had been and where we were at the time, said Brian.

While Brian had hesitancy in moving to a non-conventional method of financing by taking advantage of the SBA program compared to how he had started his company, by working with our SBA team and seeing the recommended financing structure, Brian had the confidence to move forward. And his company has grown from $25 million to $34 million.

We didn’t know if we’d be able to grow at the pace that we have, but it’s been possible because of our partnership.  The SBA team has been straightforward with us from the beginning. We’ve gained access to capital that we didn’t have before and are proud of our partnership with First Commonwealth.

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