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Creating pathways to homeownership and providing the structures needed to help homeowners understand and use their equity is a critical part of our community development work. With the right solutions, the right team, and the right community partnerships, it's all possible. In 2021, we provided $801,000,000 in mortgage loans including $15,000,000 in First@Home loans.

In addition to helping families buy the homes of their dreams, we’re proud of the work we’re doing to help communities create homeownership opportunities across our footprint. By partnering with organizations like the City of Bridges Community Land Trust in Pittsburgh and the Central Ohio Community Land Trust in Columbus, Ohio, we’ve helped support a new and intuitive model for promoting homeownership and preservation of existing homeowners through a difficult economic climate. With partnerships like those in land trusts we can help create homeownership and preserve vibrant, diverse neighborhoods for decades to come.

Celebrating Relentless Advocacy for Home Ownership

Joe Tomaceski, Community Mortgage Lending team lead, was the recipient of the 2021 Community Banking Award at the Black Excellence in Real Estate Gala in Pittsburgh. More than an award, this recognition is a tangible reminder of the impact we can make in partnership with our community organizations to make homeownership possible. Joe has built a community of realtors, title agents, home inspectors and industry leaders to help him make the dream of home ownership achievable. A model that we intend to replicate, we’ll continue to build equity within black and brown communities.

Improving Access to Home Equity

As we watched the refi boom throughout our markets in the past year, we quickly saw the disproportionate affect of that boom in low income areas and people of color. And even though each financial situation is unique, there is an identifiable pattern in both the use of banks and trust of banks for people living in underserved areas.

In response, we expanded our First@Home program and launched Right@Home, both with thoughtfully adjusted requirements including credit score thresholds and loan to value, along with census tract location requirements. By reducing barriers for homeowners, these solutions will allow for generational wealth-building and open the door for us to provide even more banking solutions to our neighbors.

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